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More info on Akanishi Jin leaving KAT-TUN

do you translate? if you do can you translate this page for me?
Hi! I'm sorry but I can't always entertain requests form translations, or else I'd be swamped.
And... The url you gave me isn't in Japanese, it's in Chinese! Haha! But since my Chinese is better than my Japanese (both are still way worse than my English though), I can (loosely!) translate if for you. Yay! : D

It has been discovered that KAT-TUN member Akanishi Jin, who flew to Los Angeles on the 9th of May, made a secret return to Japan on the afternoon of 17th May. When his bandmates from KAT-TUN knew that he was back, they went out to celebrate at a nightclub in Roppongi. Someone joked that "When the 'carefree' Jin comes back, the atmosphere becomes much more lively, not only does he tell jokes backstage, the tabloids also have more photos to take. (?)".

On Japanese internet communities, many fans have joined arms to persuade Akanishi Jin not to leave KAT-TUN. But according to an insiude source, Jin has been meeting Johnny Kitagawa since end 2009 to express his thoughts on leaving KAT-TUN. It seems that Jin might be thinking of going to the US as a solo artiste, but as he is well-known as being pretty scandalous, it might not be so easy.

In April this year, Jin was spotted at Lady Gaga concert with Crystal Kay and Yamada Yu. He has also been known to go out for wild parties with his male friends.

Though Johnny Kitagawa does want Jin to move on to the US, there are many difficulties, and there has been a reported rift between the members of KAT-TUN.

Yamapi and Kitagawa Keiko on a date

Yamapi from NEWS (24) and actress Kitagawa Keiko (23) have been spotted on a date on 29 May, just 2 days ago. Though they are both well-known idols, the two of them walked along the streets openly and did not seem worried about exposing their identities. Tscomes after they were spotted going on another date in February this year. (Entame)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Horikita Maki looking for a boyfriend?

The "Shukan Taishu" has picked up some rumors about actress Horikita Maki (21) surprisingly ignoring the strict rules of her agency and frequently requesting the people around her to go for a gokon (group date).

A movie staff on the issue commented that "Well, she seems to be quite restless lately… That's a rather strange behavior and probably not that easy for her considering that she's currently filming 2 movies at the same time." Is it really that surprising for her to ignore the rules and wanting to date despite being in high demand for movies, doramas and commercials, or are people simply forgetting that she's just a woman in her early twenties after all?

"She really wants a boyfriend and she doesn't even try to hide it anymore. She often asks her co-actors and the staff out for a group date." A production staff mentioned in a conversation. Some might be shocked and surprised, but let's not forget that she will be turning 22 this year. Maybe it first started as a frivolous phrase and as a joke and then she realized that she actually really wants to be with someone…

"Kuroki Meisa, from the same agency, freely hangs out with other people like Nakamura Shido and often creates rumors here and there. The thing is that the female president of that agency is really generous towards her and trusts her a lot. After all it was her who scouted Kuroki, so in her eyes she would never do something wrong. On the other hand she seems to be very strict towards Horikita. Maybe that's what makes her even more determined to go against the rules and find herself a boyfriend?"

Maybe she's already aiming for her "Byakuyako" co-star, Kora Kengo (22) as well? Ganbatte ne! (Kawaii Joyuu)

BoA doing well in Billboard charts

According to Billboard, the largest album and records sales ranking site, BoA's "ENERGETIC" has been ranked within the top 50 of the "Hot Dance/ Club Play Song" genre on May 22th. This is the twelth week that the song has ranked within the top 50 of that genre.

The Billboard "Hot Dance / Club Play Song" charts are referring to the title tracks, which have been playing throughout the US during the week in the various clubs. BoA's track "Eat You Up" had also been ranking within the top 50 for 14 consecutive weeks. However, the outstanding aspect about "ENERGETIC"'s ranking is that it has been one year since the release of the song. (Music Japan+)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Asada Mao to be in Vogue Nippon

Figure-skater medallist Asada Mao (19) will appear in the June edition of Vogue Nippon, which is sold from 28 May (today!) onwards for 680yen. (Sanspo)

Matsumoto Jun's lead role in Fuji TV dorama confirmed!

It has been confirmed that Arashi's Matsumoto Jun (26) will star in Fuji TV's Monday night drama series next season. He will be the first member of the group to appear in a drama during that time slot, and this will be his first lead role in a full-length Fuji TV series.

The drama, titled "Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku," is an original love story by "Buzzer Beat" screenwriter Mika Omori. The female lead is being played by Takeuchi Yuko (30), who starred in "Lunch Queen" and "Fukigen na Gene," both also written by Omori.

In the show, Matsumoto plays a struggling actor who has developed a complex due to his father, a famous actor. The character is described as being "tsundere," a term referring to people who are normally cold in personality but become overly fawning when they are around their love interest. The role suits him rather well, doesn't it? In this case, that love interest is an older woman being played by Takeuchi, whose character is said to be spirited, but also mysterious due to certain circumstances. (Tokyograph)

"Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku" will air Monday nights at 9:00pm, starting in July.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nino feels comfy in the chignon he sports in "Ooku"

Arashi member Ninomiya Kazunari, together with costars Shibasaki Kou, Sasaki Kuranosuke and Tamaki Hiroshi attended the press conference of the movie "Ooku". The movie is set in the Edo period with the gender roles of man and woman reversed.
Shibasaki, who will be playing the role of a female Shogun, explained "Because my role is a queen, I will try to express a resolute personality." As for Ninomiya, for whom it's the first time to play a role the historical TV drama, commented on his own chignon* appearance with a smile "I think it fits me very well! It's quite comfortable." Another noteworthy feature is that Sasaki and Tamaki had thrown themselves completely into the performance of the love scene between guys in the movie. Tamaki said: "The love scene between Kuranosuke and me started on the first shooting day. I felt a little bit weird at the beginning but turned out to be very smooth and I was not worried at all." As for Sasaki, he gave the comment that "Maybe we have developed the empathy with each other. I am open to Tama-chan now." "Yeah, we are." agreed Tamaki, pretending to look like he was in love with his partner. Hearing the conversation, Ninomiya laughed hard. (Music Japan+)

*A chignon is a sort of hairstyle with a bun.

Matsumoto Jun and Otake Shinobu holding hands - are they dating?!

This sounds ridiculous, but it has been revealed that Arsashi member Matsumoto Jun (26) and actress Otake Shinobu (52) have been in an intimate relationship. They were seen holding hands, just like lovers. For now, there has been no word from Johnny's Entertainment, but it's pretty incredible. For one, she's twice Matsujun's age! My guess is that it's just a friendly "mother-son" relationship? Jun and the other Johnny's seem to have a thing for older women though, his date with Shibasaki Kou was just discovered earlier this month and he had dinner with Kaga Mariko, the actress who plays his mum in HYD in a private room of a tempura restaurant last year. (Entame)

Naka Riisa acts as Japanese teacher in first lead role

Up-and-coming actress Naka Riisa (20) now has her first starring role in a drama series. She will play a teacher in NTV's "Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo," premiering on July 15.

The drama is based on the popular comic essay series of the same name by Hebizou and Nagiko Umino. The original books are a collection of stories about a Japanese teacher, and they deal with aspects of the language that even native speakers get wrong.

Naka plays Haruko, a young woman with a dream of becoming a high school teacher. Her former teacher offers to get her a job if she takes on a 3-month position teaching Japanese to foreigners. Her students, which include an anime otaku from France, challenge her constantly with difficult questions about the Japanese language.

The drama will air on Thursday nights at 11:58pm. (Tokyograph)

Arashi's "Monster" sets record!

Arashi's 30th single, "Monster," set a new record on the sales charts this week. At 543,000 copies sold, it barely surpassed their previous single "Troublemaker" (542,000 copies) to achieve the highest opening-week sales so far this year. It is Arashi's second consecutive single to break the half-million mark in the first week. (Tokyograph)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Koide Keisuke to sing in movie directed by Oguri Shun

Actor Koide Keisuke (26) is making his singing debut as the vocalist of the fictional band from the movie "Surely Someday." The theme song, also titled "Surely Someday," is being released as a single on July 7 under the band name "Takumi (Koide Keisuke) with Surely Stars."

The movie "Surely Someday" has already been drawing attention as it will be the directorial debut of well-known actor Oguri Shun (27). Koide stars as a high school student named Takumi who forms a band with four other students, spending all their time practicing for a school festival. When the festival gets canceled, they fake a bomb threat in an attempt to reverse the decision, but a real bomb explodes and they get kicked out of school. Three years later, they reunite and become involved in another big incident. The show is based loosely on Oguri's own bonds with his high school friends.

Although Koide had no previous music experience, he is said to have a good natural sense. He will the perform the song, which was composed by Tortoise Matsumoto, in front of an audience for the first time during a premiere event on July 11. The film opens in theaters on July 17. (Tokyograph)

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Exams are over, Kimi wa Petto's here!

MY EXAMS ARE FINALLY OVER! Yeah and my O levels are coming nearer... Actually I've been pretty bored today (came home before noon) and there's no interesting news/gossips to update on! So I decided to answer my formspring...

With all those twitter/tumblr/Facebook/MySpace/Hi5/ all other social network accounts claiming to be Jin Akanishi....are any of them real? Some seem real to me (but I'm a fool lol)
I really don't know! But I guess you could try looking at any contact info that might be provided at his official site (I think they will state his official site in Wikipedia). I'm a real dummy at knowing if all these are real or not either so can't help you in this area, sorry!

When do you find time to read all these sites?
Well, firstly, I'm still a student, so it's not fatal if I slack a little every now and then (I guess I actually do treasure the fact that I'm still schooling though I always complain about it). Also, it's not like I have to spend a lot of time reading. Every time I visit a site, I just see if anything's changed and then look at the articles that interest me. I can't be bothered to comb through everything and I actually think I spend more time watching dramas on my computer teehee. ^^
Usually, I'll read these sites if I don't have anything on after school, or on weekend nights.
But then again, I'm not doing that well in school so I'd advice you to do everything moderately! 8D

I'm now watching Kimi wa Petto and Jun is sooo adorable!~ Hahaha I love how the curly sign brings out the adorable-ness (?!) of all these shows~ Kya~! [I know I'm usually in these kind of moods but just bear with it!]

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what is the best JE idol rumors blogs?
Hmm, it's kind of hard to say as most sites cover a many Japanese celebs/ actors. But I think if you want actual news/gossip instead of perpetual whining and adoration of JE idols, you can try It's not dedicated to JE idols but they do come out pretty frequently. You can also go to, they don't focus solely on Johnny's either but they have almost one article on Arashi/KAT-TUN daily. :D
It can be hard to know which site will report the newest rumors though, since different sites break the news at different times. Till now, I still haven't found a site that always reports the rumors first, so you'll have to search through a few sites each time. Hope that helped! :) favorite JE is Akanishi Jin. I was wondering what online sites can I read rumors about JE idols. Sites with photos would be great!
Hi there! \0/
Haha, read the answer to the question above! For photos on Akanishi you can try, the livejournal and tumblr fansites for Jin don't seem to be updating very regularly. >:(
As for rumors on Jin, shouldn't be very hard to find! You can try those sites in the previous question, but so far almost all the news I've gotten on Jin has come from this site, It's all in Japanese though, so might not be much of a help, but I usually translate most of the aricles on Akanishi Jin and post them here!

Hey guys! Keep my formspring busy please! Now that my exams will have ended the next time I turn on the computer, I'm more free to help you out! Hey do note that I really did try to give you all the sites I could think of, I'm not hiding any "secret source" or anything! Actually, one easy way for you to find the sites you like would be to click on the source of each article. It's at the end of most news posts in brackets. :) But if you use any material that I might have posted, please do state your source, or at least the original source. Thanks!

Keep my formspring buzzing by entering a question in the sidebar! I don't care how wacky they might be!

Mei-chan no Shitsuji

I've finished watching Mei-chan no Shitsuji! Honestly, the plot wasn't as weak as I though it would be, given the frivolous nature of the story and what I had read from some online reviews. Of course, you have to take into account that this drama is in no way meant to seem real or relatable, and that it was probably created to fulfill every fangirls wildest dreams. I often caught myself lapping up some parts of the show (I still have a maniac grin on my face now), but when I thought about it I'd feel like cringing BUT THEN I decided to heck with it and continued taking it all in.

Mizushima Hiro looks so smart and dependable in his formal wear! Heehee, I want him as my butler too! That's what everyone says after 10minutes into this show but actually what's the point of having a handsome and caring butler if love is forbidden?! AAAGH TO HELL WITH THAT RULE.

I've never heard of the main actress before, but my favourite student was Miruku-chan! I did some research on the actress and her name's Yoshida Riko. She is so adorable with her two ponytails and her little schoolgirl uniform and her acting is so sharp and convincing! Her butler, Daimon (Suzuki Ryohei) fits his role perfectly too! I also checked up on the four Sole girls and they're all quite pretty, but they come across as plain and disdainful in the show, plus they don't really seem to have much of a role. I'm still wondering why they decided to even waste money hiring those extra actresses.

Sato Takeru is pretty cute, I guess, but for some reason I'm not really a fan of his. I guess he falls into the same category as Ikuta Toma for me. But I do get the feeling that he and Hiro are well cast as brothers. Of course, Mizushima Hiro wins hands-down for me!

My exams will finally be over tomorrow! I'm now downloading the torrents for Zettai Karshi. I've been on a Hiro fest. First Hana Kimi, then Mei-chan no Shitsuji and now Zettai Kareshi! But the torrents might take a while and I don't want to wait in between episodes/ resort to bad-quality, pixelated, slow loading videos that I have to watch online, so I'm gonna find some dorama that I can watch online with good quality and fast loading. Any reccomendations anyone?

Side note: Seems like Akanish Jin went on a drinking spree in Roppongi with his bandmates after coming back to Japan. I'll update if I get anymore info!

Yamada Yu finally lands a lead role

Yamada Yu (25) has been given her first starring role in a drama series. She will play the protagonist in TV Asahi's "Gakeppuchi no Eri ~ Kono Yo de Ichiban Daiji na 'Kane' no Hanashi," based on a semi-autobiographical essay by mangaka Saibara Rieko("Bokunchi," "Mainichi Kaasan").

"Gakeppuchi no Eri" describes the turbulent life of Eriko (Yamada), who has been extremely poor since childhood, due to the debt left by her parents. Despite constant misfortune, she aims to achieve happiness and money by moving to Tokyo to pursue life as a manga artist.

Saibara herself will make a guest appearance on the show.

The show premieres in July and will air on Friday nights at 9:00pm. (Tokyograph)

Haha, I'm not in a very Yamada Yu-ish mood now because I'm watching Mei-chan no Shitsuji...

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Matsumoto Jun tops Oricon's "Beautiful Lips" rankings~

1. Matsumoto Jun
2. Fukuyama Masaharu
3. Sakurai Sho  Arashi owns!
4. Tamaki Hiroshi
5. Kimura Takuya
1. Ueto Aya
2. Kitagawa Keiko
3. Inoue Waka
4. Ayase Haruka
5. Ishihara Satomi
(Oricon, credits to aramatheydidnt for picture)

Side note: YES! My Tokyo DOGS ep7 torrents have finished downloading, my life is now complete! Till I have to wait for episode8, that is.

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Long post of no importance

First off, I'd like to apologise for my absence from the online world recently, I had my exams and though I have one last paper next week, it doesn't really require a lot of studying for so I've been sleeping/daydreaming/bumming around/watching Tokyo DOGS for the past 12hours or so. Hahaha the bad thing about me watching all these jdoramas is that once I start watching them I won't use my computer for anything else till I'm done with the series (I usually use my computer to watch them). So, this blog and all my other online activites get neglected and that's probably what will happen this next few days. :/ Though I'm already at episode 7 of Tokyo DOGS so I suspect I'll finish it real soon.

Ugh Google has changed their logo into some sort of Pacman game and I can't stop playing it - I've won thrice!

Tokyo DOGS is soooo good~ I think I say this of almost every drama or show that I watch but yes it is so good! I've decided that Oguri really is good-looking, previously I had doubts about whether he looked good or not because it was hard to tell with the long hair in Gokusen and Hana Kimi, but after seeing how dashing he looks in his suit has changed my mind completely!

As for Hiro... Even though I've always thought that he looks good and all, he really doesn't suit the role of Maruo! I feel that he has the sort of clean-cut look and all the facial hair that he has in Tokyo DOGS makes him look weird. Ugh I'm so tired now, I think I'm going to sleep now. [continued] Also, I feel that Hiro would look 7653419126times better in a suit that in this ragged Maruo look. Or maybe it's just my fetish for suits, teehee. :) I guess I'm pretty much an old-fashioned person, I prefer guys in suits than in casual wear. I think Hiro wore clothes that suited him the most when he was acting as Hayashida in MR. BRAIN.

Oh, update: I've finished watching Tokyo DOGS! Every time I finish watching a jdorama, it gives me a really "ugh" feeling, like the ending wasn't good enough and it's all over too soon and I wish there were 30million episodes and I don't care how whiny and long-winded the show would become, I just want to watch more of that series. Well, I'm now downloading the torrents for Mei-chan no Shitsuji...

Tokyo DOGS just reminded me awfully of Hana Kimi and Gokusen, what with Oguri Shun and Mizushima Hiro as well as Baba (idk the actor's name, he acted as a colleague of Yankumi's in Gokusen 1 and 2). Totally LOVED the silly banter between Sou and Maruo... (I wonder if anyone had bothered to read till here yet) The last part was funny, especially the "American~!"

Commercial for groin cream?!

HAHAHA this ad is really simple and straight to the point, with the three men exclaiming "My... Groin... Itches!". Even in supposedly "liberal" countries like USA and the UK, advertisments like this are almost non-existent, and the direct way in which the Japanese go about these things can be kind of charming.

Delicare M’s (delicate care for men), a topical cream for men with itchy groin areas:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sho acts as a pasty chef in new CM

Sakurai Sho, member of Arashi, will play the role of a pastry chef in the CM of ice-cream brand "Pino".

Though it was his first time to wearing a pastry chef's uniform, he chose the chef's hat very carefully. In order to show the image of "an orthodox school", he selected a tall one among others. In the CM, when Sakurai is eating "Pino" he thinks, "What? Pino has been changed!" And all of a sudden, he transforms into a pastry chef and starts to mix chocolate, dip ice-cream into the chocolate to make a piece of "Pino". He then proclaims, "Oh that's it. Chocolate has become more delicious!".
To learn how to pour the chocolate, Sakurai was instructed by a professional pastry chef. And it was said that he learned very fast, and handled the job professionally. He was very happy that the clothes "look good on him". The new CM will be aired from May 21st. (Music Japan+)

Believe it or not, I can't wait to watch this! HAHA.

Yaguchi Mare and Nakamura Masaya confirm their relationship

Talento and former Morning Musume member Yaguchi Mari (27) is in a relationship with actor Nakamura Masaya (24), it was learned on Tuesday. Yaguchi has already confirmed the news on her own blog.
The two met around the start of this year through a gathering organized by a mutual friend, and they hit it off right away. A source close to Yaguchi said that their meeting was like love at first sight. Although Nakamura is nearly 48 centimeters taller than Yaguchi, the height difference is apparently not a problem.
Yaguchi has been in show business much longer than her new boyfriend. Nakamura got his start when he joined D-BOYS in 2007, and he has appeared in several dramas since then, including "Innocent Love" and "Hatachi no Koibito." (Tokyograph)

48cm height difference?! Grr, Masaya might be 4cm taller that Yuu but Yuu still looks the best. :-D

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gokusen OST's up too!

Gokusen OST up on MediaFire at! Feel free to download! :-)

PS: This is the OST for Gokusen 1, I prefer to call it only "Gokusen" 'cuz even though I like all 3 of the Gokusen series, Gokusen 1 is, to me, the true, original and best Gokusen ever.

Kame wore an apron over his nude body! And what sort of behaviour does he like in girls?

There hasn't been much news/gossip recently, so I just thought I'd post this for your amusement. ..

Actress Naka Riisa revealed that she witnessed KAT-TUN member Kamenashi Kazuya wearing an apron over his nude body. They costarred in the drama "Kami no Shizuku" which had been aired in 2009. Recently, on the TV show "Music Station", Naka was asked: "When you costarred with Kamenashi, what kind of interesting scene of him did you see and why?" And she answered: "I saw him wearing an apron over the nude body...." at which KAT-TUN members were totally surprised, shouting "Really?!" and "Are you kidding me?!" It seems no one know about this episode. Kouki Tanaka even screamed "Hadaka apron?! (naked apron in Japanese)" several times, while Yuuichi Nakamaru remained silent in a state of shock.
Kamenashi later explained: "Oh yes that one. It was a character usually wearing suits. And once I had to cook, and I cooked in the studio. However the white shirts were stained by the oil, so I took it off." And when he finished cooking, staff told him that other actors and actress were there as well and brought him an apron. "I would wear jersey or something next time and will never do that again." said Kamenashi.

However, he stood up and emphasized: "I was wearing pants at that time! It was suit pants." and pointed to his own pants, saying, "It was Kame'Ari*!" which made everyone laugh.

Kamenashi also revealed his own "favorite behavior of girls" without hiding his disappointment. When he was asked "What's your favorite behavior, Kamenashi? Hadaka apron (wearing an apron over nude body)?" he replied, "Let's be careful with that topic. It seems I have become a weird guy here."

After pulling himself together, Kame answered the question seriously: "I like girls to smooth the hair behind their ears.", while showing how to eat food with his left hand putting hair behind the right ear. The MC proclaimed, "There is no such person anymore!" and Yuka Kashino from Perfume explained for him: "It is like 'gracefully showing the cross hands' of female. For example, a beautiful and elegant girl will wipe tears in left eye by her right hand."

Upon hearing that, KAT-TUN's Koki Tanaka expressed his sympathy: "Yes, you can trick Kamenashi with this easily!" Kamenashi was so shocked to say: "So I was cheated by girl's tactics, wasn't I?" and Kashino answered in a cool way: "It seems so." It was a day on which everyone enjoyed seeing unexpected side of Kamenashi being revealed. 8)

*Ari means "being", which is opposite to "Nashi" (not being) in Japanese. And Nashi (not being) has the same pronunciation with Nashi (pear) in Kamenashi's name. (Music Japan+)

Big drop in Moon Lovers' viewership ratings!

Viewership for Moon Lovers has dropped from 22.4% to 19.2% and 20.2% to 13.5% in Kanto and Kansai district! Looks like bad news for FujiTV and KimuTaku...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Kitagawa Keiko unhappy with her role in "Moon Lovers"?

Remember this post here? I've found more gossip about the dorama! Lin is going to make her first appearance in a Japanese dorama and also help Kimura to raise his popularity in Asia outside of Japan. Shinohara is making her big comeback to the dorama world and what would be better than a dorama with Kimura.

Now what about Kitagawa? There doesn't seem to be any particular reason for her to be in this dorama, especially not just as the third actress. The tabloid Shukan Bunshun, however, claims that her casting might be the aftermath of Sawajiri Erika's sudden discharge from her agency last year.
A media insider explained the situation: "Kitagawa has been in the talks for a starring role in a Fuji TV dorama this spring, but suddenly it was decided for her to appear in a supporting role next to Kimutaku. Her popularity is already high enough and she doesn't have to rely on someone like him to get good ratings, yet she has been casted as just the third actress in line for this dorama. She is said to be very dissatisfied with this decision."
Kimura and his staff usually are able to choose their favorite cast for his projects, but this time there might have been more bargaining going on than usual.
"It isn't just Kimutaku who does the casting, the relationship between his and other agencies have a big influence on the decisions as well. Johnny's are known for being very close with Stardust Promotions, that's why he already had actresses like Takeuchi Yuuko or Shibasaki Kou acting at his side. Kitagawa is from the same agency, but that's no reason to miss out a starring role for her just to get her in a Kimutaku dorama…," an industry official told the tabloid.
It might have all started with the casting for Kimura's "Space Battleship Yamato" last year. His side only made an unofficial offer, but it was obvious that they wanted Stardust's Sawajiri for the female lead. Unfortunately they decided to terminate her contract for all the trouble she has caused them and so he hurriedly had to choose Kuroki Meisa as her substitute.
"Everything would have worked out for Kimura Takuya with Sawajiri Erika at his side. The fact that her agency made a one-sided decision without caring about his project, they've allowed to become indebted to him. The two agencies might be close with each other, but it's an unwritten rule in the industry that you have to clear your debts. The result is that they had to pay it back by having their most popular young actress, Kitagawa Keiko perform in his new dorama no matter what big of a role," another industry official explained. (Kawaii Joyuu)

Hana Kimi OST up on MediaFire!

Hi everyone! Xyz I'm trying to sound cheerful but I'm listening to the Gokusen OST which is making me feel like crying I know that there's a few thousand million other causes more worth crying over but I miss Gokusen so much!

Anyway, I've set up a new page titled "Downloads" on this blog, you can access it from here. There, I'll provide links to files that you might want to download. For now, all links lead to MediaFire, where you can just download directly w/o signing up (yay!). Or you can just go directly to my MediaFire page at

So far I've completed uploading the Hana Kimi OST as well as some tracks from Gokusen 1 and 2, so go ahead and download! I play all the files that I upload on my computer first, so be assured that they won't give your computers any nasty viruses. If you encounter any broken links/ problems, please inform me so that I can fix it up. 8) NOTE: You should not be asked to pay any money or give any information! (MediaFire might have a pop-up recommending that you signup, but you don't need to, really)

Any requests/ feedback/enquiries are welcome, please contact me!

Listening to: Kizuna by Kamenashi Kazuya

Matsujun's cute shirt

Hey Jun, where d'you find all those nice shirts???

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I knew it!

I knew it! In Gokusen 1, they've always played a slower version of Feel Your Breeze during the sad scenes! I've realised that for ages but I've only confirmed it now and oh no I feel so sad and melancholy just listening to the piano solo version of it! :'''( Haiz... Yankumi, Shin and Uchi, I miss you all! The first season was always the best...

PS: I'll be putting the Gokusen OST up some time soon on MediaFire, but if you're really dying to listen to it, just drop me an email, I'll send it to you!

I miss them good ole' gokusen days...

KAT-TUN Bangkok concert cancelled!

Oh no! Johnny's Entertainment announced yesterday that KAT-TUN's concert in Bangkok, Thailand, has been indefinitely postponed due to the political unrest in the country.

Recent clashes between the National United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD) and the police have been escalating in violence, leading to many injuries and deaths.

KAT-TUN's upcoming Asia tour was scheduled to start with a concert in Bangkok on July 31, followed by two shows in Seoul on August 6-7 and two shows in Taipei on August 27-28. Although the Bangkok concert has been suspended, the other four concerts will go on as planned.

A similar situation happened in 2006, when an Arashi concert in Bangkok had to be canceled due to the coup d'├ętat in Thailand. (Tokyograph)

Not very surprising given the news reports these few days, but still... Poor Bangkok fangirls! Why, not come to Singapore instead, KAT-TUN?

Erika Sawajiri and Matsuda Shota together?!

She's still in the middle of a divorce, but Erika Sawajiri was spotted getting close to Matsuda Shota, her ex-classmate, at a Tokyo restaurant in late April. The restaurant was in Minami-Aoyama. (Ameblo)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

because you're not into gay until you see Kame

Mmm, there's never been lots of gossip about Kame compared to Jin, so I thought I'd just spam you guys with some Kame picts 'cuz I'm in a Kame mood now. Feeling rather bored by all the buzz about Matsujun and Shibasaki...

Teehee, Jin and Kame look so cute together! I miss those gokusen days so much...
"because you're not into gay until you see Kame"

KAT-TUN's Going! 3rd day sales

Don't worry, KAT-TUN's still at number one, enen though Bakanishi wasn't involved in the recording!

Going! 3rd day sales : 25,431

Total after 3 days: 99,770 + 56,285 + 25,431 = 181,486
Compared to...
3rd day sales
Love Yourself : 47,577
RESCUE : 28,908
One Drop : 22,956

Total after 3 days
Love Yourself : 290,462
RESCUE : 243,489
One Drop : 230,911

Horikita Maki to act as Joan of Arc in a stage play

Actress Horikita Maki (21) will appear in her first stage play this fall, taking on the role of the French heroine Joan of Arc. Shirai Akira will produce the play, titled "Jeanne d'Arc."

The play follows the life of the young girl who led the French army to multiple victories during the Hundred Years' War, and was later burned at the stake at the age of 19. Ito Hideaki (34) has also been cast in the production as Charles VII.

"Jeanne d'Arc" will be performed at the Akasaka ACT Theater in Tokyo from November 30 to December 19. (Tokyograph)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Akanishi Jin embraces woman openly

Playboy Akanishi is back in action! Akanishi Jin (25) from KAT-TUN has been photgraphed hugging a beautiful blond woman. Apparently, the two of them, along with several other friends, had been enjoying themselves in the VIP section of a club that Jin frequents. He was wearing a black cap, black hoodie and jeans. Later the next day, Jin was caught hugging the same woman after breakfast.

Though it is very common to hug distant friends in LA, it would be unlikely that Jin would just hug any woman as he has to think about the publicity that might follow.

Jin had left Tokyo for Los Angeles this Tuesday, and there is a short while before KAT-TUN, sans Jin, start their 2010 tour. (Entame)

I wonder, could it be the same blond woman as here?
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Twitter saves man from toilet mishap!

Recently, twitter user naika_tei was in a real predicament where he found himself in the male toilets of Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara, only to discover there was no toilet paper! He tweeted about his problem and a kind soul came to his rescue about 20minutes later with some toilet paper. Yay! (JapanTrends)

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Thursday, May 13, 2010


my favorite idol is matsumoto jun as well! <3 so lovely.
Hey, high five! It's nice to hear from other Jun fans too! :):) Haha, matsujun just brightens up your life!
PS: I don't know why but I didn't see this till about an hour ago when you submitted it 3weeks before!

can you help me find sexy satoshi ohno of arashi pictures??ones that show his abs!???
Hi there! Can I do it after my exams? (I think they end in about 2weeks time?)Although knowing myself, I might just do it during the weekend! Anyway, I'll do it, but I can't guarantee that I'll do it so quickly! Oh idk if you know this, but there was this AnAn photoshoot recently of Ohno released on 2010-04-23 (sorry to disappoint but he's not naked). Meanwhile, you can check out OHNO DAILY ( to get your fix of ohno-induced nosebleeds! : D Heheheh Arashi rules!

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Matsumoto Jun and Shibasaki Kou's date discovered!

Matsumoto Jun (26), a (super popular!) member of Johnny's Entertainment band Arashi, and actress Shibasaki Kou (28), had a tightly guarded secret meeting with each other on a weekend night in mid-April this year.

Shibasaki, who was wearing a fluffy pink dress and boots, met Jun at a bar in Tokyo at around 11pm. They were in the top floor's VIP room (duh!), which reportedly cost 70 000yen. They only left the bar at 4.30am the next morning.

In order to conceal their meeting, the two called for seperate taxis to bring them to Jun's home. While Jun took a taxi straight to his house, Shibasaki went through a few taxi transfers before going to Jun's house.

Johnny's Entertainment has been known to discourage the JEidols from dating, but there has been no further progress on this relationship since then. (Entame)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oguri Shun is now a director!

Oguri Shun had been appointed as a director in "Stone Entertainment Tri" and may even become the future president! The current president, Mr. Yamamoto Mataitirou (?) affirmed that Oguri is indeed in the board of directors and that although it is unusual for anyone to be in at such a young age, Oguri does have the talent. Recently, in a radio program, Oguri had mentioned that "It's time to think about what I want to do next."

This comes as positive news for him after the repeated reports that he is in the midst of a breakup with his girlfriend Yamada Yu. Yamada has dismissed the claims that they are breaking up and said that their relationship is still being maintained. (Entame)

Ayase Haruka to return in "Hotaru no Hikari"

It was reported on Sunday that the popular 2007 drama series "Hotaru no Hikari" is returning for a second season, and Ayase Haruka (25) will once again play the starring role.

Originally based on a shojo manga by Satoru Hiura, the first series told the story of a young office lady named Hotaru, who has no interest in romance and instead prefers spending her time lazily at home. However, her life changes when circumstances lead her to live under the same roof as her boss. Although the first series focused on Hotaru's reawakening to love, "Hotaru no Hikari 2" will be more about her path towards possible marriage.

Fujiki Naohito (37) will also return for the new series. NTV plans to broadcast the show on Wednesdays at 10:00pm, starting in July. (Tokyograph)

The co-stars of Kimura Takuya in "Moon Lovers" revealed

More details about Kimura Takuya's upcoming drama series were revealed on Tuesday. Titled "Tsuki no Koibito ~Moon Lovers~," the drama will air in Fuji TV's Monday 9:00pm time slot this spring, though the starting broadcast date has not yet been determined.
As reported earlier this month, the drama has Kimura (37) playing the president of an interior design company. It is described as his first real romance series since "Beautiful Life" in 2000, but he will have not one, but THREE female co-stars!
Leading the list of actresses is Shinohara Ryoko (36), cast as a capable interior designer who works with Kimura. The complicated relationship between the two characters goes back to their days as students together. Kimura and Shinohara previously acted together in the 1997 series "Gift."
Next is Taiwanese star Lin Chi-ling (35), who appeared in the "Red Cliff" movies. This will be her first time in a Japanese drama. She plays a Chinese woman whom Kimura encounters.
The third love interest is played by Kitagawa Keiko(23), portraying a popular model who comes from a wealthy family.
Another key member of the cast is actor Matsuda Shota (24). He plays one of Kimura's subordinates who seems to be obedient, but secretly has his own ambitions. However, he also becomes entangled in the five-way romance. His role reportedly has him speaking fluently in Chinese. (Tokyograph)

Matsumoto Jun to star in Fuji TV drama with Nino!

It has been announced that Matsumoto Jun (26) will be playing the lead role in a Fuji TV show that will be aired in September. Ninomiya Kazunari (26) will also be acting in the same show, though with a smaller role. This comes after the last drama that Matsujun starred in, "My Girl" had an average 10% slump.  (Entame)

There's much more to the article, if you're really interested you can click on the link. :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

When they were young...

How some of our my favourite actors looked as babies/ kids! (click to enlarge)

1. Ikuta Toma!

2. Oguri Shun!

3. Shirota Yu!

4. And last but definitely not least... Matsumoto Jun!

Recent discords between actresses

Some reports of discord between various actresses...

1. Horikita Maki (21) vs. Kuroki Meisa (21)
Both the same age and from the same talent agency, and both with budding acting careers! Thought the two of them have been said to be good friends and even shared the same dorm when they were 17, it seems that the two of them have become colder towards each other more recently, with Kuroki Meisa's attitude being more prominent.

2. Ayase Haruka (25) vs. Fukada Kyoko (27)
At the 52nd Blue Ribbon Awards presented on the 16th of March, Ayase Haruka unexpectedly clinched the Best Actress Award for her role in Oppai Valley, while Fukada Kyoko won the Best Supporting Actress Award for her role in Yatterman. This has led to some bruising of ego for Fukada, who works for the same talent agency as Ayase, Horipro.

3. Ueno Juri (23) vs. Nagasawa Masami (22)
The two acted in "Last Friends" as two best friends, playing double starring roles. Apparently, the two of them openly showed their dislike for each other during the launch of the show. (Entame)

There's two more reports but I'm really too lazy to translate anymore, you can read it if you want to though. (Just click the link)

Oguri and Yamada heading towards a breakup

Remember this post here where it was mentioned that Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu have stopped living together? It seems that they are now undergoing many struggles in their relationship and can no longer keep up their image of a loving couple. The word that the two of them had stopped living together had come from Oguri himself. It seems that the two of them could not see eye to eye on many issues. For example, Yamada felt that Oguri was putting in to much work in his projects like "Crows ZERO II" and "Bayside Shakedown THE MOVIE 3", when what she wanted was to get married and settle down. (Entame)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Doppelganger: Koike Teppei and Horikita Maki (Ashiya Mizuki)

When I was watching Hana Kimi, I couldn't help thinking right from the start that Horikita Maki looked so much like Koike Teppei with her short hait and guy's clothes. Here are some photos for you to decide!

They do have a resemblance, especially in the first row, right?! The two of them are so cute and pretty! (Yes Teppei, you too!)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Ayase Haruka and Osawa Takao an item!

Earlier this year, Ayase Haruka (25) was spotted at Osawa Takao's (42) apartment and since then a few more sightings have been reported. The two of them had co-starred in JIN, released last year. This information leaked out from the surveillance at Osawa's apartment to the paparazzi. This is sensational news as they are both well-known celebrities. In addition, their age gap of 17years is seen to be quite shocking in Japan. (Entame)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hana Kimi special, baka!

Oh, I forgot to mention that I finished watching the Hana Kimi special about two days ago, which means that I completed the entire thing in like two and a half days? The special wasn't very nice... I'd even say it was bad if not for all the ikeman. >:( But I'm planning on rewatching it sometime soon (read: now).

Fukuyama Masaharu and Konishi Manami together!

It has been rumoured that actor Fukuyama Masaharu (41) and actress Konishi Manami (31) are an item after patrons who were in the same bar as them at Meguro-ku, Tokyo, heard Fukuyama confessing to Konishi saying that "I feel great.". Before that, Fukuyama had been listening very intently to Konish.

Though this conversation has not been confirmed by any photos, the rumours that the two were together are true. (Entame)

Haha, when I read this all I could think of was that Fukuyama was the guy in Galileo...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I've finished watching Hana Kimi! Well, almost!

Unbelievably, I've managed to complete watching all 12episodes of Hana Kimi in less than 3days, when I was supposed to be working hard for my exams that are taking place in 2days time. -.- Can't wait to watch the special episode! Honestly, I felt that the ending was rather flat, sad to say. The goodbyes took forever(!) and the last part where Mizuki and Sano at the airport was sweet, but the kiss could have been so much more passionate and glorified! Oh well, at least they did kiss, though I think I prefer the kiss when Sano was drunk from eating the Nara pickles in episode2. Hee hee, did he look cute there!

The show really lives up to its name Ikeman Paradise! Though there are some ugly guys, here are those that are so cute! These are not in any order:
1. Sano!~~
2. Nakatsu, the hot-blooded soccer player! I really love it when he's thinking and doing all those hand gestures. But I don't know why most people prefer him to Sano...
3. Sekime! He's nice/ cute!
4. Nanba Minami! Mizushima Hiro! Not enough of him in this show... :(
5. The ghost boy, Kayashima! I think he's really sweet and lovely!
6. Umeda, the doctor! He's supposed to be gay, but he's so hot! Can't believe that the actor's 45years old...
7. Yuujiro, the lovely golden retriever! HAHAHA DOES THIS EVEN COUNT?!?!
8. Kagurazaka Makoto OMG Yu is such hot shit I'm sorry I'm usually not this vulgar but HE IS HOT SHIT.

Mmmm I think that's all... I sure hope the special shows Mizuki and Sano developing further! 8)

Oguri Shun role change!

There was a role change involving Oguri Shun and Ito Atsushi in Bayside Shakedown: The Movie 3, which is coming out in cinemas on the 3 July 2010. Starring in the movie is Oda Yuji (42), who plays a novice detective. Originally, Oguri Shun (27) had received offers to act as the novice detective's nephew, but during the actual shooting, his role was swopped with Ito Atsushi (26). The reason given for the change was that Shun looked too "clean" to take on such an intense role.

Understandably, Shun is very upset, and tensions are running high. It seems that Oda Yuji had a great say in the change in roles, so Shun is especially angry at him. (Entame)