Monday, May 17, 2010

Kitagawa Keiko unhappy with her role in "Moon Lovers"?

Remember this post here? I've found more gossip about the dorama! Lin is going to make her first appearance in a Japanese dorama and also help Kimura to raise his popularity in Asia outside of Japan. Shinohara is making her big comeback to the dorama world and what would be better than a dorama with Kimura.

Now what about Kitagawa? There doesn't seem to be any particular reason for her to be in this dorama, especially not just as the third actress. The tabloid Shukan Bunshun, however, claims that her casting might be the aftermath of Sawajiri Erika's sudden discharge from her agency last year.
A media insider explained the situation: "Kitagawa has been in the talks for a starring role in a Fuji TV dorama this spring, but suddenly it was decided for her to appear in a supporting role next to Kimutaku. Her popularity is already high enough and she doesn't have to rely on someone like him to get good ratings, yet she has been casted as just the third actress in line for this dorama. She is said to be very dissatisfied with this decision."
Kimura and his staff usually are able to choose their favorite cast for his projects, but this time there might have been more bargaining going on than usual.
"It isn't just Kimutaku who does the casting, the relationship between his and other agencies have a big influence on the decisions as well. Johnny's are known for being very close with Stardust Promotions, that's why he already had actresses like Takeuchi Yuuko or Shibasaki Kou acting at his side. Kitagawa is from the same agency, but that's no reason to miss out a starring role for her just to get her in a Kimutaku dorama…," an industry official told the tabloid.
It might have all started with the casting for Kimura's "Space Battleship Yamato" last year. His side only made an unofficial offer, but it was obvious that they wanted Stardust's Sawajiri for the female lead. Unfortunately they decided to terminate her contract for all the trouble she has caused them and so he hurriedly had to choose Kuroki Meisa as her substitute.
"Everything would have worked out for Kimura Takuya with Sawajiri Erika at his side. The fact that her agency made a one-sided decision without caring about his project, they've allowed to become indebted to him. The two agencies might be close with each other, but it's an unwritten rule in the industry that you have to clear your debts. The result is that they had to pay it back by having their most popular young actress, Kitagawa Keiko perform in his new dorama no matter what big of a role," another industry official explained. (Kawaii Joyuu)

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