Tuesday, November 30, 2010

150 million yen to feature Arashi in a CM

The cost of featuring an artist in an advertisment usually reflects the artist's degree of activity or popularity that year. Recently, the estimated CM fee of some popular artists in Japan have been revealed.

(fee in 2010 → fee in 2011)
Arashi - 150 million yen → 150 million yen
Oguri Shun - 25 million yen → 25 million yen
Mizushima Hiro - 35 million yen → price not available*
Mukai Osamu - 30 million yen → 35 million yen
Fukuyama Masaharu - 50 milion yen → 50 million yen

Ayase Haruka - 35 million yen → 35 million yen
AKB48 - 30 million yen → 30 million yen
Sawajiri Erika - 30 million yen → price not available*
Ueto Aya - 30 million yen → 30 million yen
Yamada Yuu - 8 million yen → 8 million yen

*Mizushima Hiro has left his agency, Ken-on, to pursue a writing career. Sawajiri Erika is not attached to any agency now and has disappeared.

For example, the price of hiring Mukai Osamu has increased because of his rising popularity. (Entame)

There are a lot more listings at the actual site where I got this from, so you might want to take a look. It's quite easy to figure out, since it's just kanji names and numbers.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hiro tweets in English!

:DD He does tweet an awful lot of photos of books though - shows what an intellectual person he is!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

grainy photos

Decided to (finally!) update today, but I can't seem to find anything interesting. Though I suspect it's probably because my skills in searching for news aren't as sharp as they used to be. Anyway, here are a bunch of photos with mystery people inside. If you can, identify them!

Matsumoto Jun from Arashi with someone.

 Ikuta Toma (looks so different with this hair) with someone #2.

(supposedly) Shirota Yuu, Yamapi and Mizobata Junpei. I can only identify Shirota (the tall one, duh), so I'm not so sure about the other two.

Monday, November 22, 2010


After my exams, I realised how addictive my hiatus is! But now that I'm finally back, I have something to get off my chest: I want to shift the focus of this blog. Let me make this clear first: I am not going to stop posting Japanese entertainment news!

1. I realised that it's pointless for me to constantly "copy-paste-credit" articles from other English site like Tokyograph and tokyohive. From now on, I will probably be focusing more on stuff from Japanese sites. I'm sure you're okay with that, you can easily get your fill from those sites anyway! And if you're not okay, then.... Too bad!

2. From now on, I'm only going to post stuff on people I actually am interested in, not some Japanese actor that I've never heard of before, because it's troublesome to search for all the info on that actor and besides, it's no fun.

So, I guess you can expect more posts on some JE bands, actors like Mizushima Hiro (OMG he won a writing competition, but that's old news) and whoever I might be particularly interested in! This post isn't exactly the same as updating, I know, but it's progress!

I was just listening to some of Rihanna's songs from Good Girl Gone Bad. I miss the old Rihanna. :(

Monday, November 15, 2010

[Sticky post] Hiatus till 15 November

MY O-LEVEL HIATUS IS HERE. (16 Sept-15 Nov 2010)

Last day of school (8 October 2010)
Graduation (9 October 2010)
Study break
Start of exams (25 October 2010)
End of exams (15 November 2010)

I will not:
-Update as much.
-Use Tumblr.
-Upload YouTube videos.
-Watch any doramas or variety shows (except for the last episode of Hotaru no Hikari 2)

I will:
-Check my email once every 3days or so, and respond.
-Respond to some comments on this blog.
-Reply to questions in my Formspring.
-Tweet about my progress A LOT. (my only connection with the Internet world while I'm studying...)

You can get an email subscription to my blog since I will be updating occasionally. Just use the widget at the sidebar or click here. I hope you will continue reading my blog after my hiatus ends. And good luck to those taking exams too or facing troubles at school and work! Anyone here taking similar college entrance exams, I advise you to go on hiatus too~ Let's work hard together! ^^

Everyone, I'm sorry for the trouble!

♥, andwewonder.

Scroll down for updates!  ↓↓↓

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mizushima Hiro and Ayaka are on twitter!

I decided to log on to Tumblr after not doing so for a few zillion pages, and the first thing I saw on my dashboard was that Mizushima Hiro and his wife Ayaka Iida have started official twitter accounts!

Mizushima Hiro: http://twitter.com/hiro_mizushima
Ayaka: http://twitter.com/Ayaka_1218

I'm not sure how early or how late I am regarding this bit of news, since I've been trying to avoid all contact with Japanese entertainment right now. They said that they opened the accounts to communicate with their fans and will be replying fans' tweets (only a few, of course!). Since Mizushima is fluent in English, he might just reply your English tweet! Their twitter accounts are really active right now (meaning they have tweets from just 3minutes ago)!