Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So, which one do you prefer?



Because I really can't decide which one I like more! I thought the short hair and spiked-up fringe looked weird at first, but then I fell in love with it but now I think the long hair suits him better but I love both! And I really love the first photo of Jun because it reminds me of the good old slouchy Sawada Shin. I've never seen anyone who can look good in so many different moods: from grouchy and moody to satisfied and happy.

And the best Arashi hair-related macro ever:

Cheers to Arashi and Jun's hair!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I just found out the price of an ipod touch

$328 for the 8GB one,
$428 for 32GB
and $588 for 64GB.

So why do so many people have one?!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Being a happy sociable teenager is taking it's toll on my wallet. In my days of being an anti-social kid during the holidays, I could hole myself up at home 5/7 days of the week-long holidays and splurge it all on the one or two days that I went out. It's only Wednesday and I've been doing something everyday.

Monday was my orientation group coming over to my house. There was really nothing to do so we ended up borrowing a mahjong set from the house at the corner. And I learnt how to play mahjong! And I actually like it very, very much. I love my orientation group for frightening me so much during my first few days in college. I was  alarmed at how quickly they managed to make my level of English deteriorate (and I just had to check how to spell that word) with their relentless mixing of Chinese, English and Hokkien (in order of frequency used). But I learnt that being cheena is fun too and anyway my class is a History class and therefore speaks better English. 

Tuesday was meeting up with secondary school friends. I now use friends instead of the old "friends" because they are now, truly, my friends. I feel much more comfortable with them then I ever did in secondary school. Spent lots of dough on karaoke singing and fries. $4.20 for fries and cheese but it was so good!

I really do declare myself a star at saving money. I went to a thrift shop with the intention of buying new clothes/shoes/bags at dirt cheap prices, but ended up walking away with a ridiculously thick knit cardigan which I will probably not wear for the next ten months. Picture below:

It still has the price tag on it and the price tag says River Island UK size 14 UK£34.99 and I bought if for S$18 which makes me feel really smart and good at saving money. ^^ I actually intended to get clothes that I would actually wear, but I didn't have much time and most of the nice clothes were taken by two fashion designer-ish  dudes. It was quite obvious that they were getting the clothes for some sort of event because they had a trolley full of clothes from the thrift store. And also because they were two rather flamboyantly-dressed men in the ladies section. So there I was, grabbing onto my woolly cardigan thing lest they snatch it for me should I put it down for a second, looking around for anything else good when the lady at the counter started yelling, "Closing already, anyone who wants to buy anything, better hurry." Which is how I ended up with this woolly thing. I still haven't decided if I regret buying it yet. And all this happened today, which I'd intended as a hole-myself-up-at-home day.

Tomorrow, I have extra Chinese lesson, which I'm looking forward to. Chinese lesson is a big waste of my life and prevents me from going home three hours earlier on some days but I still love/hate it.

I agreed to go to a friend's party on Saturday, which means I should get her a present. I told her I wouldn't be getting her one, but I still feel kind of guilty. And I signed up for a CIP thing on Sunday which is at Marina Bay. That'd be great if not for the fact that I stay at Yio Chu Kang. When I mentioned in my 2011 resolutions that I'd be more sociable, I mentally told myself that I'd meet up with people even if they were meeting up at the other end of the train line. (though my post says the exact opposite) But Marina Barrage is still too... far. And what's worst is that I thought Marina Barrage wasn't that far when I signed up.

The earthquake/ tsunami/ nuclear disaster in Japan. I didn't really want to mention this becuase I think everyone's read/ seen/ heard more than enough about it. I know people are going to get angry over this but I don't really get why people are all about donating money to Japan. Japan's rich... I think (based on my rather shallow knowledge of current affairs) I just hope the authorities use the money (their own/ donations) properly. The nuclear radioactivity thing's the worst of all that's happened so far and it seems like most Japanese are trying to get away. Either far away or out of the country entirely. Some Tokyoites my parents know have already come to Singapore to get away from the radiation. And my mum is going all berserk about how we can't go to Japan for the next three years and wondering if she should buy iodine pills. Singapore will never be able to build a nuclear plant becuase we don't have a 30km radius to evacuate out of. If I were Malaysia I'd build a nuclear plant in JB.

Anyway, life goes on.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Johnny's all safe from earthquake-tsunami

Everyone's safe. Yamashita Tomohisa got into a car accident, but was unscathed.

Everyone's safe but Ueda Tatsuya's house got damaged.

Hey Say Jump/NYC
All members are safe, but Yuto is in hospital for minor injury. Hikaru Yaotome's house in Sendai was entirely wiped out by the tsunami. Chinen Yuri's house is also rumoured to be damaged.

V6, SMAP, Arashi, Kanjani8 and others
All are safe but Morita Go's house is said to be damaged.

Friday, March 4, 2011

I just found out that Tokyograph's layout has changed. Anyway, some Johnny's Jr. guy that I've never heard of is getting married.

JC is intense. It's fun but that doesn't make it anywhere less tiring/stressful. I overslept by 97 minutes today and missed one tutorial but the teacher didn't notice. And I finally got the guts to ask the math tutor for a consultation session next week. You go girl.

Other than that I've been in a really lazy mood and all my lives are dead. Social, psychological, INTERNET, you name it. So I advise you to check my blog less often/ unfollow me because I won't be posting a lot of Jap entertainment stuff.

I don't understand how people can do everything I do and still have time for facebook.