Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I think this is important

I think it's becoming increasingly obvious that I'm just not posting as much as I used to. Just last year, I could churn out over 50 blog posts a month, mostly about J-pop and my obsession for it. Unfortunately, I've... Moved on. I haven't exactly fallen out of love with J-pop (and definitely not Arashi !), but my interest in it has faded. I've always been interested in Japan, just that this interest went full bloom once I discovered J-pop! I'd also like to add in, albeit rather unnecessarily, that my other favourite countries are England, China, HK and Taiwan. And with this, I'd like to shift the focus of the blog from J-pop to other things.

Exactly what other things, I'm not sure yet. I started this blog in late 2009 as a platform for me to express myself, which coincided with when I watched Gokusen and fell head first into the world of Japanese fandom. Now, I'm going back and leaving this blog as, once again, an open platform for me to express myself and keep some memories which I can then read next time. Now, I cringe a little when I go through posts where I go on and on about my idols, but I'm pretty sure that years from now, I'll be able to look at those posts with fondness as I recollect those feelings from my teenage years.

I do feel like I've failed my readers, but well....... Okay, I've failed you. I do feel guilty, but I do have to move on. Doing this Japanese gossip blog thing has no longer become fun for me, and I think it's better for me to come straight out then just wonder about what to do with this blog, which is actually what I've been doing for the past several months now. You can continue to talk with me about the fandom, which I completely welcome, though I might be rather out of date on certain issues. ^^ (just felt that I should add a smiley to relieve the tension since I sound so serious here!)

So, my blog is now open and free again! I've no idea what's to come, but we shall see.