Friday, June 24, 2011

Please let me pass my math exam tomorrow even though I have not studied a single bit and skipped all my holiday classes and even some regular classes and don't pay attention at all in math class and have been getting single digits and "see me"s in all my previous tests. PLEASE.

And why did the school have to change the time of the Math paper from 2:30pm to 9am? That's just... really annoying. And why must the paper be on a Saturday. Oh god.

Monday, June 20, 2011

I do it over and over again

5 days till my Math mid-years, and I haven't understood anything that's been taught in the JC syllabus so far. I'm so sick of this. Why can't I do my work or at least pay attention to what the teacher says?

Anyway, I'm going to revise. I've said this a million times before, but... Really, I want to do well. So much.

Some definite reasons why I want to do well:
  • I don't want to retain and spend an extra year in this stupid school. Or, for that matter, waste a year of my life.
  • Meet-the-parents is coming up a few weeks after MYEs, so if I don't do well for MYEs, the teachers will definitely only have bad things to say about me. Skipping tutorials...
  • If I do well, my mother will buy me more things and bring me on more overseas trips. If I don't, I won't get to go overseas and my allowance will be cut.
  • I want everyone in my new school to know that I'm not stupid and you don't need to study that much to do well.
  • If I do badly, they'll sure to be rumors going around about how I'm from a top secondary school and still doing so badly...
  • My parents actually think that I've been studying. Shit.
  • If I don't do well for mid-years, I'll never be able to catch up for end-years, prelims or A-levels. The whole O-level story will repeat itself.
On a happier note though... Ashton Kutcher and his dad!!

    Friday, June 17, 2011

    Yamada Ryosuke's CM

    Watch Yamada Ryosuke's first solo CM for a Lotte product (gyugyu-to?!) at this link:

    Definitely worth watching! :D

    Saturday, June 11, 2011

    My dad bought me a brand new laptop from the IT fair thing! Almost everything from my previous laptop is gone but I don't really care because I'm just so happy!

    And for those who think I'm overreacting, this is the first time that I've actually gotten a new laptop/phone/music player/camera/electronic thing so....

    Suddenly feel the need to study hard so that my dad won't regret his decision. ^^

    Tuesday, June 7, 2011

    The Quiz Show 2 review (haphazard)

    So, prior to this, I'd never heard of this drama "The Quiz Show 2" before. I found out that there is indeed a "The Quiz Show", but I don't really have much interest in watching it (no doubt because Sakurai and Yokoyama aren't inside).

    The description of the show from DramaWiki:
     Sakurai plays the host of a live TV quiz program. On the show, contestants who achieve 7 correct answers win 10 million yen, and those who get 8 correct answers will have one of their wishes granted by the TV network. But while the questions start off innocently enough, as the game progresses, the questions gradually delve into the contestants' past crimes or indiscretions, presenting them with the dilemma of having to confess their guilt in order to win. Sakurai's character also has a mysterious past. Before becoming the show's host, an accident had left him in a vegetative state for six years, which also resulted in him losing most of his memories.
    Though the format for the first few episodes are, without a doubt, ridiculously and annoyingly repitive, it still keeps you glued to your screen (at least for the first time you watch it, anyway) as more and more is revealed in each episode. The memories that Kamiyama gains from each episode also seem to change. It's easy to sense his confusion and anxiety. How is he related to Honma? Why did I stab that girl? Did I even stab her? Oh wait, I didn't stab her, I killed her later in the hospital... and so on. There are also entire scenes throughout the whole series that are repeated again and again, especially the whole introductory sequence. Yet, I have to admit that I was never tempted to fast forward at those parts (probably because it was too short anyway). And, I feel that I really ahve to mention Sakurai's dancing at the Dream Chance part.

    The show only starts breaking out of this annoying mould from episode 7 onwards, by which the viewer will think that he/she has a pretty clear view of what happened. Things start to shake up, and more interesting truths are revealed, especially the relationships between the characters. I like how it's not just the relationships between the main characters that are revealed, but also that of the others. Also, the nature of the contestants on the gameshow start to take a *ahem* more interesting turn.

    The great thing about this drama is that it is chock full of turns and suprises, and real ones, not those lame, half-assed sort that we frequently encounter in other dramas (Yay! It turns out that the poor boyfriend whom the parents diapprove of is the long-lost son of a billionaire!). The mistakes Satoru makes in recalling the past are entirely believable, and as a viewer, you actually get sucked into his train of thought and follow him as he tries to put the pieces together.

    When the truth is finally revealed (and I have to mention that the ending was neither rushed nor anti-climatic), Honma and Kamiyama have a good cry. Oh goodness, the crying scene was really all out. You could even see Sakurai's mucus dripping!

    However, I couldn't really see the "happiness" of the ending. There were little touches that made it sweet, like the poppy field scene and the reversal of Honma's watch, but it felt like the biggest thing was lacking. Kamiyama speech to Honma still didn't seem enough to give him new hope in life.

     And a few more minor things that bugged me during the drama:
    • It's rather alarming how Kamiyama changes from a deranged soul in his cell to a charming MC on stage.
    • If the other staff involoved in the production of the gameshow are curious about Kamiyama's origins, why don't they approach him directly?
    • Really, why don't more of the contestants recognise Kamiyama? Surely, if you had been involved in the plane crash, wouldn't you at least care to read the news about your fellow passengers (and so few of them, too) to see how they fared?
    • Lastly, why doesn't any contestant/audience member seem to care when Kamiyama gets into his headache-fits on stage?
    So, should you watch this show?
    If you are a Sakurai/Yokoyama fan, the answer is a definite yes. And if you're not, the answer is still a not-so-definite yes. Unless you're one of those who much, much, much prefer romance/comedy genres, I find it hard to believe that you can find this show boring.

    Btw, I just realised that I've never had a tag for Yokoyama. And this is a really messy review but I! can't! do! anything! properly! until I get a personal laptop! Hopefully the "new" one which I've already transferred my dramas to...
    It's the June holidays and I can't even post properly because my laptop(s) died. I spilt tea on my old laptop and the "new" one (it isn't new, btw) wouldn't turn on after I used it twice. My dad said that it's because the charger has problem and that he'd get a new charger for me but it's taking so long. :(