Monday, June 20, 2011

I do it over and over again

5 days till my Math mid-years, and I haven't understood anything that's been taught in the JC syllabus so far. I'm so sick of this. Why can't I do my work or at least pay attention to what the teacher says?

Anyway, I'm going to revise. I've said this a million times before, but... Really, I want to do well. So much.

Some definite reasons why I want to do well:
  • I don't want to retain and spend an extra year in this stupid school. Or, for that matter, waste a year of my life.
  • Meet-the-parents is coming up a few weeks after MYEs, so if I don't do well for MYEs, the teachers will definitely only have bad things to say about me. Skipping tutorials...
  • If I do well, my mother will buy me more things and bring me on more overseas trips. If I don't, I won't get to go overseas and my allowance will be cut.
  • I want everyone in my new school to know that I'm not stupid and you don't need to study that much to do well.
  • If I do badly, they'll sure to be rumors going around about how I'm from a top secondary school and still doing so badly...
  • My parents actually think that I've been studying. Shit.
  • If I don't do well for mid-years, I'll never be able to catch up for end-years, prelims or A-levels. The whole O-level story will repeat itself.
On a happier note though... Ashton Kutcher and his dad!!

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