Monday, January 16, 2012

Charlie's Chocolate

I found out that my mum threw away my Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book yesterday, and got really upset about it. (both at losing the book and her throwing it away) To try to calm myself down, I actually typed this out. It's not the full story and it might not make much sense, but here it is:

You don’t just throw away other people’s things like that. You will never be able to guess just how much a tattered book or small gimcrack could mean to someone else. Even if you bought it for someone else, or if it’s something the two of you share – something seemingly worthless to you could be of infinite value to someone else.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rather stressed about post-JC education. Not just the debate over studying overseas or staying in Singapore, even deciding what sort of course I want to take up is a headache. I've just read Hwa Chong's guide on studying in the US and it seems that most universities look at sec 3, sec 4, O-level and JC1 results. That's too bad for me then.

Must really start playing the piano again. :> And writing.

And I really need to get an A for GP in the A-levels. Was really embarrassed about my A2 the last time.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy new year folks! My family was supposed to countdown at an old friend's house, but my mum felt so zonked that we headed back at 11. So I spent the last of 2011 and first of 2012 with my dad and my dog  at home in my room. Listening to Europe's The Final Countdown.

The brown furry thing that you see is Cocoa.

Overall, not a bad start to the new year I guess. Whatever.