Saturday, December 31, 2011

With so many light years to go, and things to be found.

Resolutions for 2012:

#1. Stop multi-tasking, even on the computer.
#2. Stop buying things just because they're cheap. I'll don't use/wear them more than 3 months later. Quality over quantity.
#3. No more TV. This isn't even 5% as drastic as it sounds, seeing as the only television I watch are special programmes/ the news/ half a drama episode if I happen to be passing by the TV then. I do, however, watch a great deal of shows on my laptop. Notable exceptions from this ban are Kurosagi (watched it halfway then stopped months ago), Doctor Who (already downloaded it!), and Sherlock (showing in January only anyway).
#4. No stupid little obsessions. I'm going to clear out my room later today and stuff anything remotely hobby-related in the attic storeroom. With my A-levels in 2012, I can't afford to spend my time making crafts, painting my nails or anything else. (This also means saying bye to buying my Eximus camera!)
#5. Exercise, sleep, eat well, blah blah.

Most of these resolutions are study-oriented, especially 1, 3 and 4. Number 4's only going to be true till until my A-levels anyway.

This is how things are like end 2011:

I managed to get to JC 2 after a great deal of last minute catching up. Below is how deranged I look after a typical school day.

Also I started bringing my dog to my room to play heh.

 Also I took some photos in my mum's toilet because I was bored.

The last two photos were from just before my birthday I think. If I don't lose the weight that I've gained over the past two weeks (as well as the weight that I will gain during the new year and Chinese New Year), I can always look at these photos to remember how I was slimmer then.

I just want to stay home and play Europe's The Final Countdown tonight! Or maybe on the supposed end of the world/world metamorphosis thing on 21st December.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

And in reality, nothing happens.

My daydream: Waking up at six in the morning and cycling out to enjoy the morning sky.
Reality: Wake up at ten, then eat breakfast and lunch almost consecutively.

My daydream: Writing my thoughts, observations and even some short stories in my notebook while lazing on the grass in the afternoon sun.
Reality: Bought the notebooks. "afternoon sun" is ridiculously hot and I get disgusted by thoughts of worms, dog poop and soil when I look at the grass.

My daydream: Completing all of my homework and studying hard.
Reality: Still trying to start on homework.

My daydream: Reading all sorts of books; learning about our world and the universe.
Reality: Watch mine-numbing videos on YouTube.

My daydream: Fishing by the canal while I jot down my thoughts in my notebook.
Reality: Went prawn fishing once HAHAHA at least I managed to catch a few prawns! Anyway the canal near my house is now a hotspot for wannabe anglers so it's nowhere as cool and recluse-like anymore.

My daydream: Buy an Eximus camera and take lovely photos of places around my house before they change.
Reality: I really wanted to buy this but money issues sigh.

My daydream: Go to the dreams and reality exhibition at the museum.
Reality: Haven't gone yet but I WILL DO THIS SOON. I will be really upset with myself if I miss this.

My daydream: Find something to blog about.
Reality: Sorry, I guess my life is just too dull.

Friday, December 23, 2011

r e lie f

Checking my SAT scores scared me. Possibly more than my O-level scores. I guess it's the reality of it, the fact that this is a distinct step that will affect which university I get into whereas you could always get away with a bad O-level score and do well for your A-levels. Which was, coincidentally, why I couldn't really feel extreme disappointment and grief over my O-level score.

2200/2400. I'm really glad, seeing as I was hoping for around 2100. This is actually the first time that I've done well in any national, major-ish kind of examination. Hopefully I'll remember this feeling and it'll stick around for As. Rather disturbed by my writing score though......... So many China scholars took the test with me and I didn't do much better than them? And I've always prided myself on being able to write somewhat well oh dear this is embarrassing I shan't continue!