Thursday, December 29, 2011

And in reality, nothing happens.

My daydream: Waking up at six in the morning and cycling out to enjoy the morning sky.
Reality: Wake up at ten, then eat breakfast and lunch almost consecutively.

My daydream: Writing my thoughts, observations and even some short stories in my notebook while lazing on the grass in the afternoon sun.
Reality: Bought the notebooks. "afternoon sun" is ridiculously hot and I get disgusted by thoughts of worms, dog poop and soil when I look at the grass.

My daydream: Completing all of my homework and studying hard.
Reality: Still trying to start on homework.

My daydream: Reading all sorts of books; learning about our world and the universe.
Reality: Watch mine-numbing videos on YouTube.

My daydream: Fishing by the canal while I jot down my thoughts in my notebook.
Reality: Went prawn fishing once HAHAHA at least I managed to catch a few prawns! Anyway the canal near my house is now a hotspot for wannabe anglers so it's nowhere as cool and recluse-like anymore.

My daydream: Buy an Eximus camera and take lovely photos of places around my house before they change.
Reality: I really wanted to buy this but money issues sigh.

My daydream: Go to the dreams and reality exhibition at the museum.
Reality: Haven't gone yet but I WILL DO THIS SOON. I will be really upset with myself if I miss this.

My daydream: Find something to blog about.
Reality: Sorry, I guess my life is just too dull.

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