Wednesday, October 13, 2010

With numbers like this, it's got to be Arashi

Arashi's album "Boku no Miteiru Fuukei" has officially become the first release of 2010 to reach 1 million copies sold. According to Oricon's sales numbers, the album sold 8,561 copies this past week, pushing the total sales to 1,007,896. Their greatest hits album "All the BEST! 1999-2009" last year was their first work to reach the million milestone, but "Boku no Miteiru Fuukei" is their first original one to achieve that feat.

Arashi personally announced the news to their fans on Tuesday during an event at Haneda Airport. JAL's customized Arashi Jet made an appearance at the airport's new international terminal, which is scheduled to open for operation on October 21.

"Boku no Miteiru Fuukei," released on August 4, sold approximately 731,000 copies in its first week. At the time, that one week alone was enough to make the album #1 in total sales for the year. (Tokyograph)

Monday, October 11, 2010

see you when I next give in to the lure of the laptop

Graduation last Saturday. I was correct when I said that everyone would change their minds at the last minute and start missing school. I'm always right about this sort of thing, but it doesn't stop me from feeling like a social misfit when what I predict happens.
I got a good for my conduct this semester. This is the first time I've gotten anything lower than a very good after 10 years of formal schooling the school just has to do this to me. Just because I only attended 11/20 schooldays in term 4 but hey at least I'm not one of those students that create trouble for my teachers. I'm going to get some shockingly good results for my Os and you'll be praising me when I come back to collect my results next year okay.

And my testemonial. I substituted my name with andwewonder but it looked too weird, hence the strikethrough.
Character: andwewonder is a calm and reassuring presence in class. (yeah I'm not even in class half the time) A polite and well-mannered pupil, she carries herself with remarkable poise and composure, displaying fortitude and commendable grace at times. andwewonder's patient and gentle disposition, as well as her sensitivity to the emotions of others, enables her to apply diplomacy and tact in resolving conflict between her peers, winning her many friends. (you mean I have no enemies, not that I have many friends)
Passion for Learning: andwewonder is a disciplined and conscientious learner, capable of intelligent and interesting responses. (wow I never knew I respond in class) An independent leader who takes the initiative to read widely outside the prescribed school curriculum, andwewonder is mature for her age and capable of analytical thought. In her quiet confident way, she displays strength and is capable of holding her own. A highly oranised and motivated individual, andwewonder is a very reliable team member. (wouldn't team leader have sounded better?)
Well, I guess it could have been worse. Four years of secondary school, gone. I am trying very hard to study now but I have like 8 subjects to study for in 13 days and is that even posible even if I were to type out what I have to study I wouldnt' have the time. Additional Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Lit are worrying me. For once I am glad that I do not have cable tv in my house and my brother's friends are coming tomorrow. I am now idly reading blogs of foreigners living in Japan.

My life is as non-existent as kittens on Mars.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hi there! Love your blog and tumblr! I'm the creator of fyhiromizushima and im thankful for all the hiro related news you've posted. But im actually a bigger fan of arashi and i post things on arashitv as well! n.n Anw, good luck for ur o's! P..s: im frm
Your question got cut off, but I'm guessing you wanted to say that you're from Singapore. :D
OMG. YOU CREATED FYHIROMIZUSHIMA?!?! KYAAAAAAAA~!~!~!~! HIRO~ I'M SO GLAD! WOW WOW WOW! I really like him! It's amazing that I get to hear from you. (^_^*)
I'm really happy to hear that you're a fan of Arashi too! And that you read my blog. :O Thanks for your well wishes, and wow I still can't get over the fyhiromizushima thing! Hiro~ (man I feel like watching Mei-chan no Shitsuji now!) It's my favourite Hiro-fangirling show. XD

where do u live?
In a terrace house in Singapore. I don't know if that's good or bad~

Formspring me!

Mukai Osamu spotted at bar

Finally, some interesting news about Mukai Osamu (28)? Up to now, this increasingly popular actor has not had much gossip around him, except for a few whispers about him dating Kitagawa Keiko. He previously studied agriculture in Meiji University and is said to be rather naive around women. (though I kind of doubt this...)

Tokyo Sports has reported that he frequents an exclusive, members-only bar in Nishiazabu, Tokyo. Nishiazabu is an area with many bars and restaurants, but is quieter than the neighbouring Roppongi area. There, he is very popular with the female patrons, and a certain race queen mentioned that she has meets him often in that bar.

After his large breakthrough as an actor in the asadora jdorama "Gegege no Nyobo", there seems to be a large battle between whether he will continue as a model or focus more on acting. (Azashi)

Ikuta Toma to be affected by relationship rumours?

Actor Ikuta Toma recently turned 26 on October 7. However, he has had to deal with the trouble of Sports Hochi uncovering his relationship with actress Ichikawa Yui (24). The two were reported to have met through a mutual friend, and have been dating for five years. Apparently, their relationship was very private as only a few of the couple's close friends knew of the relationship. So far, both Johnny's Entertainment and Ken-on (Ichikawa's agency) have denied the reports.

However, this recent media frenzy is putting Toma in a troubling spot. He had previously been rumored to be dating Ishihara Satomi, an old co-star, but those rumours were proved to be wrong after she was photographed with a photographer by a gossip magazine. (sense the irony)

At the moment, Toma's Fuji TV drama "Unbore Deka" is airing, and he has quite a few movies coming up. (ugh that sounds weird)

Some people are also mentioning how much Toma's looks have changed, and speculate that he went for plastic surgery to get double eyelids.

Looking cute before,

and looking smoking hot after.

Well, with the media trying their best to squeeze more out of Toma, I'm not surprised if he didn't enjoy his birthday. Poor guy. :(( Though I don't see how having these rumouras around will cause the viewership of his shows to drop, that's a theory that seems very popular amongst the Japanese media. (cyzowoman, pictures from choko44)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ikuta Toma and Ichikawa Yui dating for the past 5 years?

Sports Hochi has reported that Johnny's Entertainment actor Ikuta Toma (25) has been dating actress Ichikawa Yui (24) for the past five years. According to the paper, the two had met through a mutual friend in 2005. The article also states that Johnny's Entertainment has not responded to thr rumour.

Apparently, Ikuta Toma had previously been rumored to have dated Ishihara Satomi. (Entame)

Mizushima Hiro as a sports reporter?

Recently, actor Mizushima Hiro left his entertainment agency Ken-On. Now, it seems that there has been many popular football magazines have approached Mizushima, asking him to be a sports reporter.

Mizushima Hiro had earlier said that he was leaving to focus on a writing career. Tokyo Sports reports that many of these football magazines have approached Mizushima with attractive offers for him to write articles for them. Mizushima should have a good knowledge of the sport as his school's soccer team as a student. (Azashi)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kame and Koda Kumi enter Best Jeanist's hall of fame

The 27th annual Best Jeanist awards ceremony was held on Tuesday. This year the awards, which help promote the jeans industry by highlighting celebrities who look good wearing jeans, were given to singer Koda Kumi (27) and KAT-TUN member Kamenashi Kazuya Kamenashi (24) for the fifth consecutive year.

72,153 votes were submitted, and both Koda and Kamenashi won by wide margins. Kamenashi took 29,000 votes in the men's category, nearly triple the tally for Arashi's Aiba Masaki. Koda, on the other hand, received close to 13,000 votes.

Public Selection Category - Male
  1. Kamenashi Kazuya - 29,118
  2. Aiba Masaki - 10,696
  3. Jejung - 3,932
  4. Yamshita Tomohisa - 1,872
  5. Iwasawa Koji (Yuzu) - 1,696
  6. Hikawa Kiyoshi - 1,458
  7. Matsumoto Jun - 1,186
  8. Ohno Satoshi - 973
  9. Akanishi Jin - 908
  10. Uchi Hiroki - 672
Public Selection Category - Female
  1. Koda Kumi - 12,961
  2. aiko - 5,456
  3. Amuro Namie - 5,219
  4. Kuroki Meisa - 4,935
  5. Becky - 3,580
  6. Kitagawa Keiko* - 3,056
  7. Karina - 2,066
  8. Kimura Kaela - 1,905
  9. Nakama Yukie - 1,796
  10. Tsuchiya Anna - 1,321
With five wins, both Koda and Kamenashi are being placed into the "hall of fame," making them ineligible for future awards. This is the first time that both the male and female winners have entered the "hall of fame" in the same year. Only three other people have achieved that milestone: Kimura Takuya, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, and Hamasaki Ayumi.

In addition to the Public Selection category awards, committee selection awards were given to actor Kiritani Kenta (30), AKB48 member Itano Tomomi (19), and talento Haruna Ai (38). The newly established "global" award went to professional soccer star Honda Keisuke (24), who currently plays for CSKA Moscow and accepted the award through a video message. (Tokyograph)

*I do have a label for her, but I took her name out because there's a character limit and her name was the longest!

Monday, October 4, 2010

New drama for Nakama Yukie

Nakama Yukie (30) will star in a true suspense drama special this December in Fuji TV's "Kinyo Prestige" time slot (Friday 9:00pm-10:52pm). Titled "Mesen," the story is based on a novel published last year by writer Amano Setsuko.

Nakama plays the daughter of a construction company president. She works as an illustrator, but due to an accident during her childhood, she has been using a wheelchair almost her whole life. One day, her father suddenly commits suicide, and one by one the other members of the family fall victim to a string of mysterious murders. Nakama's character begins her search for the killer, uncovering the clever tricks used in the murders and the unexpected culprit's sorrowful motive.

The supporting cast includes Yamamoto Koji (33), Ukaji Takashi (48), and Kitaro (62). Fuji TV has not yet announced a specific broadcast date. (Tokyograph)

Simultaneous release in US and Japan for Akanishi?

On Sunday, Akanishi Jin (26) held a fan club event at Zepp Tokyo, his first public appearance in Japan since leaving KAT-TUN in July. During the event, he talked about his U.S. tour this coming November, as well as his plans for next year. At the moment, he is looking to release his next single simultaneously in the U.S. and Japan.

Akanishi performed a total of 8 songs including "Eternal," which is the leading candidate for the upcoming single. He plans to release that single in Japan in early 2011. Johnny's Entertainment is currently in talks with multiple record labels in the U.S. to negotiate a simultaneous release.

Akanishi is also planning a solo album and a Japan tour, though details have not yet been determined.

During the event, Akanishi did not touch on the subject of his departure from KAT-TUN. At the press conference after the event, he explained that he already made his announcement on his blog, so he felt there was no need to talk about it. However, he acknowledged that his withdrawal from the group was very sudden, so he apologized to the other members for the trouble it caused. At the same time, he said he would like to see both KAT-TUN and himself rise up to a higher level as artists together.

Akanishi stated that he hopes to have Japan as his base for his international activities, and he would like to spread out to Europe and other parts of Asia, in addition to the U.S. (Tokyograph)

Hmmm, "other parts of Asia". Come to Singapore, Jin? :D

Sunday, October 3, 2010

hye there.. i've just read ur post of akanashi's withdrawal is caused by the irreparable rship with's hard for me to believe it..but is there, by chance u got to know both of them in private (i mean do u know anything 'bout their lifestyle
Haha, I wish I knew them! No, I don't know them personally at all and anything I know about them comes from the Internet/magazines.

To the other sweetie that asked me another Formspring question, I'll reply to that another time! I'm just too tired to translate anything now... :( My exams are in 3 weeks or 24 days or some other really horrifying number and I've wasted the past 4 days just bumming around, not even doing anything productive.

This is a pictorial post because I'm too tired to look for news :(( Yamapi, Matsujun and Ikuta Toma

 Yamshita Tomohisa, spotted while out by himself. As usual, an *cough* interesting outfit. Before you accuse me of being biased, I say this about almost every Johnny and I love them all. XD

And him and Aribu Yuu having the same necklace. (This was from some time back)

Matsumoto Jun, like Yamapi, out on his own. As usual, an *ahem* interesting outfit.

And just in case your eyes were ruined by the alien clothes, here's some love from Ikuta Toma and Yampi for you. You find youself falling in love with JE once again~

Sources: Yamapi in town - Janimoe; Matching necklace - Azagou; Matsujun in town - Janimoe; Ikuta Toma Yamapi ♥ - Janimoe

Who looks best in glasses?

October 1st is “Glasses Day” in Japan (as set by the Japan Ophthalmic Business Association), and Oricon style has announced the results for the ‘ranking of celebrities who look good on glasses’. This is the fifth year that such a ranking has been held. I only posted, those photos which I thought were worth posting, check out the rest here. (tokyohive)

10. Hayami Mocomichi
9. Oguri Shun
8. Tokoro George
7. Bae Yong Joon
6. Tamori
5. Miyagawa Daisuke
4. Fukuyama Masaharu (looks hot here doesn't he^^)
3. Mukai Osamu
2. OgiYahagi (comedian duo)
1. Yashima Norito

10. Kanno Miho
9. Manabe Kaori
8. Shibata Rie
7. Tokito Ami
6. Nakama Yukie!!!
5. Takagi Miho
4. Kitagawa Keiko
3. Angela Aki
2. Becky (THE DOG IS SO CUTE!)
1. Mitsuura Yasuko

In my opinion, the dog deserves to win! 1 October is such a popular day for holidays... It's Children's Day in Singapore and the 61st National Day for China! :D

Matsumoto Jun's Elleair wallpapers

I love the big fat「潤」!

Both wallpapers are 1280 X 1204. You can get them at other sizes at the official site. I like the first one so much better because there's more of Jun's face to see. XD

Friday, October 1, 2010

Nakama Yukie FRIDAY'd with Tanaka Tetsushi

The weekly magazine FRIDAY has caught actress Nakama Yukie (30) and actor Tanaka Tetsushi (43) together. Rumors about the two of them being in a relationship have been around since last year, but this time it seems that FRIDAY has managed to get a two-shot of the couple.

Tanaka was seen entering Nakama's in mid-September. Last night (30 September) at 10:00pm, Tanaka was seen walking along a sidewalk with a slender woman who had long hair, and looked like Nakama Yukie. There was also a second woman present. Tanaka's agency has mentioned that all three of them are just friends.

Nakama and Tanaka were co-stars in last year's drama, "Untouchable". (Entame, Entame)

Shibasaki Kou and Oda Yuji for 2011 drama

It was reported in August that Fuji TV has green-lit a television sequel to the 2009 movie "Amalfi: Megami no Hoshu," which starred actor Oda Yuji (42). More details have now been released, including the casting of Shibasaki Kou (29) as the female lead.
The drama series, titled "Gaikoukan Kuroda Kosaku," will bring Oda back as the diplomat Kosaku Kuroda, who now has to take on matters such as domestic terrorism as well as international affairs. Settings include San Francisco, Mexico, and Japan, with part of the series planned to be filmed overseas. Kuroda's backstory will also be covered.
Shibasaki will play the part of a police detective who works with Kuroda. She previously acted on-screen with Oda in the 2006 movie "Kenchou no Hoshi" (also known as "Star Reformer").
Filming has just started, even though the series will not start until January 2011 in the Thursday 10:00pm time slot. Kagawa Teruyuki (44), Kaho (19), and Kusakari Tamiyo (45) have also been cast. (Tokyograph)