Monday, October 11, 2010

see you when I next give in to the lure of the laptop

Graduation last Saturday. I was correct when I said that everyone would change their minds at the last minute and start missing school. I'm always right about this sort of thing, but it doesn't stop me from feeling like a social misfit when what I predict happens.
I got a good for my conduct this semester. This is the first time I've gotten anything lower than a very good after 10 years of formal schooling the school just has to do this to me. Just because I only attended 11/20 schooldays in term 4 but hey at least I'm not one of those students that create trouble for my teachers. I'm going to get some shockingly good results for my Os and you'll be praising me when I come back to collect my results next year okay.

And my testemonial. I substituted my name with andwewonder but it looked too weird, hence the strikethrough.
Character: andwewonder is a calm and reassuring presence in class. (yeah I'm not even in class half the time) A polite and well-mannered pupil, she carries herself with remarkable poise and composure, displaying fortitude and commendable grace at times. andwewonder's patient and gentle disposition, as well as her sensitivity to the emotions of others, enables her to apply diplomacy and tact in resolving conflict between her peers, winning her many friends. (you mean I have no enemies, not that I have many friends)
Passion for Learning: andwewonder is a disciplined and conscientious learner, capable of intelligent and interesting responses. (wow I never knew I respond in class) An independent leader who takes the initiative to read widely outside the prescribed school curriculum, andwewonder is mature for her age and capable of analytical thought. In her quiet confident way, she displays strength and is capable of holding her own. A highly oranised and motivated individual, andwewonder is a very reliable team member. (wouldn't team leader have sounded better?)
Well, I guess it could have been worse. Four years of secondary school, gone. I am trying very hard to study now but I have like 8 subjects to study for in 13 days and is that even posible even if I were to type out what I have to study I wouldnt' have the time. Additional Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Lit are worrying me. For once I am glad that I do not have cable tv in my house and my brother's friends are coming tomorrow. I am now idly reading blogs of foreigners living in Japan.

My life is as non-existent as kittens on Mars.

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