Sunday, August 26, 2012


I made a new blog. It's been about time, now. I didn't feel like I could carry on a personal blog here with an overwhelming majority of people coming hear to read about J-pop rather than myself. It's been fun running this blog, and I've been glad to hear from readers along the way. I dragged the abandonment of this blog far longer than I really should have, but now it has to end.

My new blog is It's completely unrelated to J-pop or Japanese culture, but a personal blog, like andwewonder was in the beginning.

If you have once ever read my blog faithfully and just happen to be checking back in hope that I update again - I'm sorry. Please know that I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to bring joy, entertainment, and gossip to your life.

I won't be deleting this blog.

Once again, thank you. It's been a wonderful journey, and it's time to draw this chapter to an end.

Lots of love, Theresa

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Suddenly felt the urge to blog again and was really tempted to create a new blog, but I think I'll just continue using this old one for now.

Trying hard to do my revision but it seems to take forever for me to understand anything...