Friday, February 18, 2011

being alone is underrated

Things I have learnt after one week in JC:

You can still feel sleepy if you sit right at the front during a lecture. Teachers still care if you sleep in class.

Everyone's frank about what they want to be, eg. student council, house exco, etc. I love it and now I'm really open about what I want.

It's possible to have an enjoyable PE lesson with 6 students. (I bet I'll get muscle ache tomorrow)

Some toilets have maps to help you if you get lost inside them.

The bookshop auntie's clock is obviously spoilt because no matter how many times in a day you ask her when the notes/book you want will be available, she'll tell you that it's coming in an hour.

Being in a co-ed school is kind of really annoying because you can't change anywhere you want. I feel so tempted to use the guys' toilet when there's no one inside and the girls' toilet is packed.

Lastly, it is possible to survive a one-and-a-half hour Chinese lesson!

I am probably enjoying life in JC because 4pm feels like noon. And this was after the 90 minute Chinese lesson as mentioned above.

I'll probably write an emo post months later about how I hate school and have no friends/ feel like a loser/ no one understands me/ all sorts of whiny stuff.

Also, I am going to be a more polite person and stop saying "wahlao".

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Aibu Saki and Hayami Mokomichi in "Rebound", Mizushima Hiro movie rumour

Rumour: Mizushima Hiro might be acting in an overseas movie soon! Overseas as in... Not Japan. Apparently the reason for this is because it'll be very complicated if he acts in a Japanese movie. (does it make sense to you?!) (Azashi)

There's an interesting new drama called "Rebound" about Nobuko (played by Aibu Saki), the daughter of a tonkatsu shop owner who grew up on tonkatsu and cake. As a result, she weighed 60 kilograms by the time she graduated from elementary school, and at age 20 she weighed 85 kilograms. In order to turn her life around, she quits eating cake and sheds 37 kilograms, leading to her current career as the editor of a fashion magazine. When she goes to interview the "sweet prince," a fashionable pastry chef played by Hayami Mokomichi, she winds up breaking her ban on cake and begins "rebounding" from her diet. She soon finds herself having to decide between her currently slim lifestyle and a delicious romance with the handsome patissier. Aibu Saki and Hayami Mokomichi were co-stars in Zettai Kareshi. And they should really invite Mizushima Hiro for a guest appearance. (Tokyograph)

I have school from seven plus in the morning and reach home at six... Which probably explains the lack of updates. JC life is tiring but fun, and I think I'll enjoy it since it's only two years. I guess no matter how great your secondary school is, you're bound to get sick of it after four/five/six(?!) years.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cape Town, South Africa.

And some animal butts

I have a lot more better animal butt photos, but they're on another camera... or got deleted. I haven't updated anything really Japanese gossip related in ages (okay maybe two weeks but it feels so long). Hmm.

Fujiki Naohito, some SMAP guy and Kuroki Meisa will be in a drama together! School's been great except for the studying/waking up early/other school-ish stuff. No, really, school's been fun. Though I've probably spent less than 5 hours in lectures this week (first week of school) and I already hate H2 Math. And everyone keeps on speaking to me in Chinese because it's a Chinese-ish school and I have a China face (not saying that it's bad or anything).

Me: "What are you eating?"
X: "不知道" (I don't know)
Me: "Why are you speaking in Chinese?!"
X: "为什么不可以?!" (Why can't I?!)

And when I decide to blend in and speak Chinese, they tell me I sound weird (I bet they're just biased though). I might not speak Chinese at home but I took Higher Chinese in secondary school. Yah I know I got a D7 but still!!! But other than the language issue (and the way the principal pronounces neighbours as "nay-balls"), it's quite a nice place. I think. I hope.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Arashi in Asahi Shimbum. They were portrayed as characters from a drama that each of them has starred in before.

Yamashita Tomohisa from NEWS drinking with his friends. I took the effort to combine them all into one picture even though it doesn't really look that much like him.

Also, you need to watch this video whether or not you're a fan of Mizushima Hiro/ Sato Takeru/ Mei-Chan. WATCH IT.

Happy Chinese New Year!