Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I am bad at setting goals for myself

I don't know what my problem is when it comes to setting goals. Today, I tried to set my target for my upcoming exams, and here's what I got:

English: A1
Higher Chinese: C5
Elementary Mathematics: A1
Additional Mathematics: B3
Biology: A1
Chemistry: A2
Literature: B3

L1R5: 9

Then, I started having doubts. "What if I don't study, just like the previous times?", "What if only the topics I'm not good at are tested?". And I decided that I'd settle for an L1R5 of 12. But now, I can't decide. Ugh.
Hi all, as you can see, I've changed my blogskin! I have no knowledge of HTML, so there's no other option but to use default templates. I think this is better, at least there's some variation instead of simply white and black and it still looks simple and organised. :D

As I've been rather busy with school and quizzes this past two weeks, I haven't been updating much. Promise to update over the long Good Friday weekend (provided I don't end up going out on all 3days). And I found a new interesting site: http://www.style-arena.jp/. Check it out!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Japanese Brands I Like

Just thought I'd share some of the more well-known Japanese brands that I like and often buy products from. These brands are usually global since I don't visit Japan that often. Of course, there are more that I might have missed out, these are just those that I happen to be thinking of now... (Darn I just realised I can't type this out on my dad's iPhone 'cuz there's no "bulleted list" icon)

  • MIDORI - Makes notebooks, stickers, and all sorts of totally kawaii stationery! I can go to Kinokuniya and spend the whole day at the stationery section because it's stocked full of MIDORI and other fancy stuff and I really love their planners oh fun fact: I bought 2planners for 2010 because I couldn't bare to choose and both of them are from MIDORI! And not to mention that 'midori' is 'green' in Japanese, and one of my favourite colours is green!
  • MUJI - It's a little pricey, but I still enjoy browsing (not much of buying, though) the items at MUJI because I like the simple, minimalist design. Not to mention that the snacks and sweets that they sell are simply delicious!
  • UNIQLO - Great clothing at affordable prices, not to mention that they always seem to be havign some sale or another there was once I bought 5shirts for under S$50 that's like the price you get at a night market! I don't really like it that they keep on using Western models though. Huhh, is it just me, or do Japanese brands like to have their names in capital letters?!
  • meiji - Do I really need to say more? My favourites are the Apollo strawberry and chocolate sweets and the choco babies! But I preferred the old logo, did you know that I used to think that those products without the curvy 'Meiji' were imitations? HAHA.
  • Fasio - I'm almost totally dependent on their oil blotters, and I love Fasio mascara! And it's not just because Matsumoto Jun advertised for them here. I like its parent company Kose, too!

Man Declared Innocent After 17 Years in Jail

I saw this in the news today, and it was so heartwarming I though I'd share it with everyone here.

Mr Toshikazu Sugaya, aged 63, who had been serving 17 years into a life sentence, was yesterday declared innocent and immediately released from a jail in Chiba, east of Tokyo. He was found innocent afrer new DNA test findings could not link him with the victim of the crime he was arrested for.

In 1991, Toshikazu, then a kindergarten bus driver, was arrested for kidnapping and murdering four-year-old Mami Matsuda from a pachinko parlour in Tochigi, east of Tokyo. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1993, and the top court rejected his appeal in 2000. Then, he was arrested based on DNA tests, but his lawyers repeatedly demanded new tests. The Tokyo High Court approved for new DNA tests in 2008, which were then carried out in January 2009. The results contradicted the previous tests.

A retrial was then opened, and the verdict yesterday was that the flawed DNA tests and shady investigation had pressured Toshikazu into making a false confession. the court also offered a rare apology to Toshikazu, with the presiding judge Masanibu Sato saying that "I feel deeply sorry as a judge that we have failed to listen to Mr Sugaya's true voice and as a result took away your freedom for 17 and a 1/2 long years." The other judges also stood up and bowed to Toshikazu, who later said that he accepted the apology. The police and prosecuters had apologised earlier. He also mentioned that he was touched and wanted to pay a visit to his parents' grave. However, he did state that he would not forgive the real curlprit. No new suspect has been identified yet. (The Straits Times)

When I read this article, I was immediately reminded of the final episode of Mr Brain. Did you think so too?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm back from HK, and look at what I missed out on when I was away!

I'm back from Hong Kong! And I bought...
  • Knee-high boots - YES!
  • 2pairs of canvas shoes from H&M
  • 2dresses
  • Lots of food
  • Lots of blouses and shirts
That wasn't a very detailed shopping list, but I guess I'm quite satisfied with what I have. I didn't get my wallet or my bag, though!

On the other hand...


Saturday, March 13, 2010

And one for Matsujun!

They really don't leave anyone out, do they?! And since Matsumoto Jun was my first Japanese idol (and probably my favourite one too), I am very very excited hahaha!

This is really 100% cute!

Hey there's one for Hiro too!

HAHAHA OMG I AM SO HAPPY. http://www.fuckyeahhiro.tumblr.com/. WOOTS!

He and his wife, Ayaka Iida. I think they're so sweet together! Remember this post?

I love how Hiro seems to radiate this "nice guy" kind of look, don't you find so too? And I love Ayaka's hair so much I hope she gets better and that she and Hiro stay together forever! I feel so warm and fluffy now. Goodnight, everyone! (L)(L)(L)


Oh no, there's a new site for Akanishi Jin-perving at http://www.fuckyeaakanishijin.tumblr.com/. More pretty pictures of the two most-loved KAT-TUN boys...

Aww, so pretty!
Pretty Kame in action again, this time talking to a cute little child (can't really thell if the kid's a boy or girl!)

And the best for the last... Say CHEESE!
Do note that none of these celebrity pictures that I post on this blog are mine, those in this post are from http://www.fuckyeakazuyakamenashi.tumblr.com/ and http://www.fuckyeaakanishijin.tumblr.com/., two of my favourite sites as they ONLY have pictures which is, really, all I need to get my daily those of these gorgeous guys. I STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT YOU FOLLOW THEM if you have tumblr. If only there could be such sites on Matsumoto Jun and Mizushima Hiro...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I can't wait to go to Hong Kong for all the yummy food and shopping.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Magic Sakura - The Desktop Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossom season is coming in two weeks time! For those who want a piece of this cherry blossom season to themselves, they can get the Magic Sakura (まじっく桜), a desktop toy that recreates the hanami spirit in miniature.

The paper tree stands at 13.5cm (5.3″) tall and looks rather bare until you add the included “magic water”. Then pink blossom starts to appear within a few hours, eventually covering the whole tree. I guess this is the equivalent of a mini Christmas tree for the Japanese! You can have your sakura experience at home or work, minus all the crowds and fuss.

The Magic Sakura is priced 680 JPY and is available now inside Japan. Oh no but I do want one of these oh so badly! :O (Japan Trends)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Matsumoto Jun's lovely ads!

1. Advertising for Fasio Mascara. HAHAHAHA WHAT WON'T YOU ADVERTISE FOR JUN-KUN.

2. KFC. Makes me feel hungry too! I wish they sold this in Singapore...

3. Pepsi!

Pictures for you to love

Gokusen always makes me laugh, no matter how silly it is.

And this picture makes me feel warm and fuzzy... Cuteness overload I wish I was the puppy.

And from Gokusen series 2...

The perfect perving site for Kame addicts: http://fuckyeahkazuyakamenashi.tumblr.com/
I do love Matsumoto Jun and Kamenashi Kazuya very much, and though I don't really like Akanishi Jin's character I still love his perfect looks.

Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm taking a day off from school, and what am I doing? I am desperately trying to put Gokusen episode 3 into my iPod that my dad gave me a few days back. It's really troublesome. First, you have toconvert the video to MP4 format, then change the format so that it can work with iPod/iPhone. Makes you wonder why anyone who has a choice would buy an iPod.

I started at least half an hour ago, and look at this:

Monday, March 1, 2010

Shopping List for HK Trip

These are stuff I MUST buy when I go to Hong Kong in two weeks time:
  • Wallet - I want a long purse!
  • Bag - Either a fancy knapsack or a gym/ formal shoulder bag, although my mum did promise to buy me a fancy handbag if I score six distinctions in my upcoming exams (err...). I shan't be too greedy though, one bag from this trip is enough!
  • Dress - At least one nice dress!
These are the stuff I would like to get:
  • Knee-high boots - I don't think I'll get this, though!
  • Shorts
  • Eyelash extensions - XYZ I think it's reasonable for me to want eyelash extensions I mean HELLO MY EYELASHES ARE NON-EXISTENT. But I highly doubt my parents will be willing to pay the high price for the natural looking one I want.
  • New shoes - Sneakers, heels, pumps, anything is fine!
  • Tank tops
  • A nice jacket.
Okay I'm not really expecting to get anything in my second list since it's such a short trip and all, but it would be nice. :)