Monday, March 1, 2010

Shopping List for HK Trip

These are stuff I MUST buy when I go to Hong Kong in two weeks time:
  • Wallet - I want a long purse!
  • Bag - Either a fancy knapsack or a gym/ formal shoulder bag, although my mum did promise to buy me a fancy handbag if I score six distinctions in my upcoming exams (err...). I shan't be too greedy though, one bag from this trip is enough!
  • Dress - At least one nice dress!
These are the stuff I would like to get:
  • Knee-high boots - I don't think I'll get this, though!
  • Shorts
  • Eyelash extensions - XYZ I think it's reasonable for me to want eyelash extensions I mean HELLO MY EYELASHES ARE NON-EXISTENT. But I highly doubt my parents will be willing to pay the high price for the natural looking one I want.
  • New shoes - Sneakers, heels, pumps, anything is fine!
  • Tank tops
  • A nice jacket.
Okay I'm not really expecting to get anything in my second list since it's such a short trip and all, but it would be nice. :)

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