Friday, May 27, 2011

bloody monday and the quiz show 2

Got two DVDs today... Bloody Monday and The Quiz Show 2!

Happened to walk into a DVD shop and saw that they were having a sale. I saw some Japanese DVDs going for $6 and got really excited! But then I realised that those were only the specials and not the whole serial. But then I found the serials which cost $7.90 each and $12(US$ 9.70) for two! I was thinking of getting Koizora, but decided against it because I felt that it would be more value-for-money to get two drama serials. And I chose The Quiz Show 2 over Akai Ito because it has two good-looking guys (Sakurai Sho and Yokoyama Yu!) in it. I've never heard of it until today but it seems really interesting!

This is the first time that I've actually paid for anything J-pop related, unless you count magazines.But it seems that you get your money's worth indeed! Each DVD comes with a write-up of each character and a chart to show the relationships between the characters. BUT.... it's in Chinese. Shall post better pictures tomorrow!

I had my General Paper mid-year exam today, but it didn't really have any effect on me? I guess it's because there's no way I could have studied and the exam went quite smoothly. And the June holidays are here!

Okay, I'm going to bathe and then I'll watch start watching The Quiz Show 2 (it's sounds so interesting that I'm going to watch it before Bloody Monday!) on my "new" laptop. No, I still haven't switched over to the "new" one! And here's why.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Imma write my plans for the June hols here so that I'll have more incentive to stick to them:

-Learn how to fish.
-Be more adventurous, i.e. not be such a chicken.
-Sleep early, wake up (reasonably) early. Only catch television programs that I'm actually interested in.
-Exercise and eat healthily to lose weight.
  • No sweets, limited chocolates.
  • No ice-cream either. Frozen yogurt at most.
  • Try to exercise daily.
-Take good care of my skin.
-Study for MYEs.
-Learn to skateboard. (?)
-Go for more walks.
-Cycle to school to see how long it takes.
Oh gods. I am such a lazy piece of shit.