Saturday, March 27, 2010

Japanese Brands I Like

Just thought I'd share some of the more well-known Japanese brands that I like and often buy products from. These brands are usually global since I don't visit Japan that often. Of course, there are more that I might have missed out, these are just those that I happen to be thinking of now... (Darn I just realised I can't type this out on my dad's iPhone 'cuz there's no "bulleted list" icon)

  • MIDORI - Makes notebooks, stickers, and all sorts of totally kawaii stationery! I can go to Kinokuniya and spend the whole day at the stationery section because it's stocked full of MIDORI and other fancy stuff and I really love their planners oh fun fact: I bought 2planners for 2010 because I couldn't bare to choose and both of them are from MIDORI! And not to mention that 'midori' is 'green' in Japanese, and one of my favourite colours is green!
  • MUJI - It's a little pricey, but I still enjoy browsing (not much of buying, though) the items at MUJI because I like the simple, minimalist design. Not to mention that the snacks and sweets that they sell are simply delicious!
  • UNIQLO - Great clothing at affordable prices, not to mention that they always seem to be havign some sale or another there was once I bought 5shirts for under S$50 that's like the price you get at a night market! I don't really like it that they keep on using Western models though. Huhh, is it just me, or do Japanese brands like to have their names in capital letters?!
  • meiji - Do I really need to say more? My favourites are the Apollo strawberry and chocolate sweets and the choco babies! But I preferred the old logo, did you know that I used to think that those products without the curvy 'Meiji' were imitations? HAHA.
  • Fasio - I'm almost totally dependent on their oil blotters, and I love Fasio mascara! And it's not just because Matsumoto Jun advertised for them here. I like its parent company Kose, too!

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