Saturday, March 13, 2010


Oh no, there's a new site for Akanishi Jin-perving at More pretty pictures of the two most-loved KAT-TUN boys...

Aww, so pretty!
Pretty Kame in action again, this time talking to a cute little child (can't really thell if the kid's a boy or girl!)

And the best for the last... Say CHEESE!
Do note that none of these celebrity pictures that I post on this blog are mine, those in this post are from and, two of my favourite sites as they ONLY have pictures which is, really, all I need to get my daily those of these gorgeous guys. I STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT YOU FOLLOW THEM if you have tumblr. If only there could be such sites on Matsumoto Jun and Mizushima Hiro...


  1. O.M.G. This post is from my birthday!xD Oh how I wish I could of found you before and seen this, I would of been so happy to see my fave Japanese guy in the world on my special day~!
    Also, be warned that I'm most likely going to spam you with comments so the next 10 million comments you get will be from me!xD Enjoy!<3:)

  2. Haha, happy (really belated) birthday, then! I love reading comments so you're more than welcome to spam me with as many comments as you want~ ^_^


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