Friday, February 18, 2011

being alone is underrated

Things I have learnt after one week in JC:

You can still feel sleepy if you sit right at the front during a lecture. Teachers still care if you sleep in class.

Everyone's frank about what they want to be, eg. student council, house exco, etc. I love it and now I'm really open about what I want.

It's possible to have an enjoyable PE lesson with 6 students. (I bet I'll get muscle ache tomorrow)

Some toilets have maps to help you if you get lost inside them.

The bookshop auntie's clock is obviously spoilt because no matter how many times in a day you ask her when the notes/book you want will be available, she'll tell you that it's coming in an hour.

Being in a co-ed school is kind of really annoying because you can't change anywhere you want. I feel so tempted to use the guys' toilet when there's no one inside and the girls' toilet is packed.

Lastly, it is possible to survive a one-and-a-half hour Chinese lesson!

I am probably enjoying life in JC because 4pm feels like noon. And this was after the 90 minute Chinese lesson as mentioned above.

I'll probably write an emo post months later about how I hate school and have no friends/ feel like a loser/ no one understands me/ all sorts of whiny stuff.

Also, I am going to be a more polite person and stop saying "wahlao".

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