Monday, October 4, 2010

New drama for Nakama Yukie

Nakama Yukie (30) will star in a true suspense drama special this December in Fuji TV's "Kinyo Prestige" time slot (Friday 9:00pm-10:52pm). Titled "Mesen," the story is based on a novel published last year by writer Amano Setsuko.

Nakama plays the daughter of a construction company president. She works as an illustrator, but due to an accident during her childhood, she has been using a wheelchair almost her whole life. One day, her father suddenly commits suicide, and one by one the other members of the family fall victim to a string of mysterious murders. Nakama's character begins her search for the killer, uncovering the clever tricks used in the murders and the unexpected culprit's sorrowful motive.

The supporting cast includes Yamamoto Koji (33), Ukaji Takashi (48), and Kitaro (62). Fuji TV has not yet announced a specific broadcast date. (Tokyograph)

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