Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kitagawa Keiko and Osamu Mukai spotted together on her bithday! Poor Pi-chan~

Kitagawa Keiko (24) has almost always been romantically linked to Yamashita Tomohisa of NEWS, but it seems that she has found a new love interest - her newest co-star from "Paradise Kiss", Osamu Mukai (28).

Kitagawa and Osamu were seen together at a pub in Sangenjaya on 22 August. While some might be quick to dismiss it as over-dramatisation by tabloids and fans, Kitagawa Keiko's 24th birthday fell on 22 August 2010, the day they met up. Many would think that she would have chosen to spend such a special day with her long-time rumoured-to-be boyfriend, Yamapi.

A witness who was at the same pub said, "I first noticed Osamu, who was tall and very handsome. I was lucky to see him, a friend of mine who a fan of his pointed him out to me." (Entame)

The source does say that there are pictures of the two of them from that day, but when I clicked on the links provided... the picture above is all I got.

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  1. oh.. what if they b loverzzzzz...
    oh.. they 2 r gr8 match


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