Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Akanishi Jin and Yamapi not getting along?

Recently, it was formally announced that Akanishi Jin (26) would be leaving KAT-TUN. It is now being reported that he was in a quarrel with Yamashita Tomohisa (25) from NEWS, who is reported to have always gotten along well with Jin. They are both popular members of talent agency Johnny's Entertainment.

The two of them were often sighted together in restaurants and clubs in the Roppongi area. However, there have not been any recent sightings of the two.

It seems that Yamashita is unhappy about Jin's withdrawl from KAT-TUN and sees it as being selfish. It is also said that Yamapi avoiding Roppongi, choosing to go to other areas such as Shibuya and Nakameguro. (now you know where to go to stalk him ^^) (Entame)

Isn't Jin too busy with his work in the US to go party with Yamapi all night?


  1. Wasn't there sighting of them going to a festival together a few days ago (8/21 and 8/22)?

    It seem weird that the reports would say Jin is being selfish for leaving KAT-TUN when Johnny said he wanted Jin to work toward being successful in America. That is wouldn't be fair to KAT-TUN to let Jin come back.

    The report contradict itself.

  2. I don't know, that's what the source said, so maybe the Japanese tabloids are just looking for rumors to up their circulation.(shrugs)

    But I don't see why the two of them should have a falling out over this. I don't see it as being selfish.

  3. I think the tabloids want to "create" drama. Since Jin is no longer in KAT-TUN they can't write that Kame and Jin aren't getting along since they aren't performing together. It helps them sell more drama where there isn't any. If it was "selfish" I'm sure Tackey would had gave Jin a talking to. I think all of Jin's friends are happy for him but worried at the same time. I don't think its selfish too. ooh sorry about the long posting :D

  4. @Anonymous
    Really, the tabloids could have just continued going on about Kame and Jin not getting along, fans would still read it. (well, I would!)

    Don't worry about the long comments, I like reading everyone's views! And I try to reply but sometimes I don't because 1. Everyone's saying the same thing, 2. The comment is too short, and 3. Just happened to be lazy that day. :p

    My own comments are awfully long too!

  5. Personally I think the Japanese tabloids hate Jin for expressing he loves the west so much and seems to prefer western women as well.

    Something tells me that maybe he was trying to get the old golden boy himself (Yamapi) in this fade.


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