Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tegoshi Yuya (NEWS) visited hairdressing salon with his foreign girlfriend

NEWS member Tegoshi Yuya was spotted last night entering a hair salon in Roppongi with a blonde foreigner.
The salon is known for catering to foreign clients, and the salon closed shop for the pair so that it would be a private event. While the two were successful entering the salon quietly, the opposite happened when they exited.
Despite getting noticed by people, Tegoshi never let go of the girl’s hand. The two were last seen headed toward the Ginza district. (tokyohive)


  1. I'm betting fans will blame Akanishi for starting the whole "dating a foreigner" thing lol

  2. @Anonymous
    Jin's a trendsetter, then! ^^

  3. as Jin would say "HELL YA!"


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