Friday, October 1, 2010

Nakama Yukie FRIDAY'd with Tanaka Tetsushi

The weekly magazine FRIDAY has caught actress Nakama Yukie (30) and actor Tanaka Tetsushi (43) together. Rumors about the two of them being in a relationship have been around since last year, but this time it seems that FRIDAY has managed to get a two-shot of the couple.

Tanaka was seen entering Nakama's in mid-September. Last night (30 September) at 10:00pm, Tanaka was seen walking along a sidewalk with a slender woman who had long hair, and looked like Nakama Yukie. There was also a second woman present. Tanaka's agency has mentioned that all three of them are just friends.

Nakama and Tanaka were co-stars in last year's drama, "Untouchable". (Entame, Entame)

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