Friday, July 23, 2010

Ishihara Satomi FRIDAY'd with 30 year old photographer

The latest issue of FRIDAY reports that popular actress Ishihara Satomi(23) was out on a date with 30-year-old photographer Emori Yasuyuki. The two were seen together at the end of last month in Tokyo's Setagaya ward.
According to FRIDAY, Emori drove Ishihara to a Chinese restaurant in Setagaya. After having a meal together, they went to a nearby Don Quijote discount store, where the reporter captured a photograph of the two getting along well as they browsed through the electronics section. FRIDAY also reported on another occasion when Ishihara was seen leaving Emori's apartment.
During his university days, Emori was discovered by director Genjiro Arato (63) and was chosen to handle the photography for the movie "Akame 48 Waterfalls." Since then, he has been gaining popularity. He first worked with Ishihara last year when he was in charge of the official photobook for Arato's "Ningen Shikkaku," which opened in theaters this past February. In that movie, Ishihara played the wife of lead actor Ikuta Toma.
Ishihara's agency explained that she and Emori are friends through work and are definitely not dating. Emori stated that the two have become close since "Ningen Shikkaku" finished filming last summer, but also denied that there is a romantic relationship. (Tokyograph)

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