Friday, July 23, 2010

Yamada Yu speaks about Oguri Shun, who's in Korea meeting Kim Hyun Joong

Yamada Yu talked about her boyfriend, Oguri Shun on the September issue of fashion magazine “GINGER“.
Yu and Shun co-stared in the drama “Binbo Danshi” in 2008, and that started their relationship.
Yu said, “When I see him challenging something new and being absorbed in it, it makes me highly motivated too. He is, so to say, that kind of person to me.”
The interviewer asked her if she considered getting married, Yu said, “Of course!” (tokyohive)

I thought they broke up?!

Oguri Shun’s went to Korea as his first movie as a director, "SURELY SOMEDAY", was invited to Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival in Korea. Although there was no announcement of Shun’s arrival, some 1 200 fans welcomed Shun at Gimpo airport.
While Shun was staying in Korea, there was a shoot for a TV talk show with both Shun and Kim Hyun Joong. Both of them played the role of “Hanazawa Rui” in “Hana yori Dango” (Boys over flowers), and this was the first time they have seen each other in person.
Shun was asked what kind of role he would want to give to Kim Hyun Joong as a director, Shun answered, “I want to see him playing a very manly role, which fans may not expect.”
The showing of “SURELY SOMEDAY” was a big success in Korea! (tokyohive)

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