Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ikuta Toma to be affected by relationship rumours?

Actor Ikuta Toma recently turned 26 on October 7. However, he has had to deal with the trouble of Sports Hochi uncovering his relationship with actress Ichikawa Yui (24). The two were reported to have met through a mutual friend, and have been dating for five years. Apparently, their relationship was very private as only a few of the couple's close friends knew of the relationship. So far, both Johnny's Entertainment and Ken-on (Ichikawa's agency) have denied the reports.

However, this recent media frenzy is putting Toma in a troubling spot. He had previously been rumored to be dating Ishihara Satomi, an old co-star, but those rumours were proved to be wrong after she was photographed with a photographer by a gossip magazine. (sense the irony)

At the moment, Toma's Fuji TV drama "Unbore Deka" is airing, and he has quite a few movies coming up. (ugh that sounds weird)

Some people are also mentioning how much Toma's looks have changed, and speculate that he went for plastic surgery to get double eyelids.

Looking cute before,

and looking smoking hot after.

Well, with the media trying their best to squeeze more out of Toma, I'm not surprised if he didn't enjoy his birthday. Poor guy. :(( Though I don't see how having these rumouras around will cause the viewership of his shows to drop, that's a theory that seems very popular amongst the Japanese media. (cyzowoman, pictures from choko44)


  1. LOL this article. Pretty sure 'No Longer Human' came out at the beginning of this year. And he's been in a total of three films already this year, probably one of the most active Johnnys around. So unless he gets married, I doubt his popularity will be affected.

  2. Oh , I obviously wasn't paying attention. There was no wiki for the movie so I had to do some guesswork. Thanks anyway. I'm in such a dead mood now but here's a smile for you. :)


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