Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mukai Osamu spotted at bar

Finally, some interesting news about Mukai Osamu (28)? Up to now, this increasingly popular actor has not had much gossip around him, except for a few whispers about him dating Kitagawa Keiko. He previously studied agriculture in Meiji University and is said to be rather naive around women. (though I kind of doubt this...)

Tokyo Sports has reported that he frequents an exclusive, members-only bar in Nishiazabu, Tokyo. Nishiazabu is an area with many bars and restaurants, but is quieter than the neighbouring Roppongi area. There, he is very popular with the female patrons, and a certain race queen mentioned that she has meets him often in that bar.

After his large breakthrough as an actor in the asadora jdorama "Gegege no Nyobo", there seems to be a large battle between whether he will continue as a model or focus more on acting. (Azashi)

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