Sunday, October 3, 2010

This is a pictorial post because I'm too tired to look for news :(( Yamapi, Matsujun and Ikuta Toma

 Yamshita Tomohisa, spotted while out by himself. As usual, an *cough* interesting outfit. Before you accuse me of being biased, I say this about almost every Johnny and I love them all. XD

And him and Aribu Yuu having the same necklace. (This was from some time back)

Matsumoto Jun, like Yamapi, out on his own. As usual, an *ahem* interesting outfit.

And just in case your eyes were ruined by the alien clothes, here's some love from Ikuta Toma and Yampi for you. You find youself falling in love with JE once again~

Sources: Yamapi in town - Janimoe; Matching necklace - Azagou; Matsujun in town - Janimoe; Ikuta Toma Yamapi ♥ - Janimoe


  1. I really like the bag Yampi has in the first picture. If you just look at the top part he look like an office worker, the bottom part look like a day at the beach lol.

  2. @yuki
    Yup, the top half looks surprisingly normal but the bottom half just looks weird! Not only are the mustard-coloured bermudas annoying, the slippers his wearing just make me go "?!?!"!

    Oh well, Yamapi, Yamapi~

  3. He is Akanishi's best-friend lol. have you SEEN the pants on him lol!


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