Monday, November 22, 2010


After my exams, I realised how addictive my hiatus is! But now that I'm finally back, I have something to get off my chest: I want to shift the focus of this blog. Let me make this clear first: I am not going to stop posting Japanese entertainment news!

1. I realised that it's pointless for me to constantly "copy-paste-credit" articles from other English site like Tokyograph and tokyohive. From now on, I will probably be focusing more on stuff from Japanese sites. I'm sure you're okay with that, you can easily get your fill from those sites anyway! And if you're not okay, then.... Too bad!

2. From now on, I'm only going to post stuff on people I actually am interested in, not some Japanese actor that I've never heard of before, because it's troublesome to search for all the info on that actor and besides, it's no fun.

So, I guess you can expect more posts on some JE bands, actors like Mizushima Hiro (OMG he won a writing competition, but that's old news) and whoever I might be particularly interested in! This post isn't exactly the same as updating, I know, but it's progress!

I was just listening to some of Rihanna's songs from Good Girl Gone Bad. I miss the old Rihanna. :(


  1. Hey, there! Glad you're back and I hope you did well on your exams!

    This change sounds good to me. Keep up the good work, but maintain a stable lifestyle XD. lol, once I ran a blog, I found it was taking a profound affect on me, as it was taking up a good portion of my time on days I updated, so of course, I had to quit blogging...

    Again, glad to see you come back!

  2. I hope your exam went well. Since you like JE groups I'm glad of the change in the focus of your blog. I want to read the book Mizushima Hiro wrote!! He seem like the perfect husband too.

    Would it be possible to include the link of the site with each posting?

  3. @Anonymous
    Thanks! For some reason, now that I don't have school, I spend much less time on this blog! I decided to change because I didn't want it to take up too much time when I'm busy and plus I was afraid I might not stay interested if I blog too much about actors I barely know (where's the fun in that?!).

    Glad to hear that you're glad to see me back! :D

  4. @Yuki
    Yes I want to read his book too! Too bad I can't understand Japanese. (that's going to change though!)

    And what do you mean by including the link of the site with each posting? I don't really get what you're trying to say.

    Hopefully you'll see this and reply, and if you do, thanks for your well wish!


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