Monday, November 15, 2010

[Sticky post] Hiatus till 15 November

MY O-LEVEL HIATUS IS HERE. (16 Sept-15 Nov 2010)

Last day of school (8 October 2010)
Graduation (9 October 2010)
Study break
Start of exams (25 October 2010)
End of exams (15 November 2010)

I will not:
-Update as much.
-Use Tumblr.
-Upload YouTube videos.
-Watch any doramas or variety shows (except for the last episode of Hotaru no Hikari 2)

I will:
-Check my email once every 3days or so, and respond.
-Respond to some comments on this blog.
-Reply to questions in my Formspring.
-Tweet about my progress A LOT. (my only connection with the Internet world while I'm studying...)

You can get an email subscription to my blog since I will be updating occasionally. Just use the widget at the sidebar or click here. I hope you will continue reading my blog after my hiatus ends. And good luck to those taking exams too or facing troubles at school and work! Anyone here taking similar college entrance exams, I advise you to go on hiatus too~ Let's work hard together! ^^

Everyone, I'm sorry for the trouble!

♥, andwewonder.

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