Tuesday, November 30, 2010

150 million yen to feature Arashi in a CM

The cost of featuring an artist in an advertisment usually reflects the artist's degree of activity or popularity that year. Recently, the estimated CM fee of some popular artists in Japan have been revealed.

(fee in 2010 → fee in 2011)
Arashi - 150 million yen → 150 million yen
Oguri Shun - 25 million yen → 25 million yen
Mizushima Hiro - 35 million yen → price not available*
Mukai Osamu - 30 million yen → 35 million yen
Fukuyama Masaharu - 50 milion yen → 50 million yen

Ayase Haruka - 35 million yen → 35 million yen
AKB48 - 30 million yen → 30 million yen
Sawajiri Erika - 30 million yen → price not available*
Ueto Aya - 30 million yen → 30 million yen
Yamada Yuu - 8 million yen → 8 million yen

*Mizushima Hiro has left his agency, Ken-on, to pursue a writing career. Sawajiri Erika is not attached to any agency now and has disappeared.

For example, the price of hiring Mukai Osamu has increased because of his rising popularity. (Entame)

There are a lot more listings at the actual site where I got this from, so you might want to take a look. It's quite easy to figure out, since it's just kanji names and numbers.

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