Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm back from Africa! Whenever I tell people I'm going to Africa for holiday they're like, "What?!" but my trip was surprisingly normal. Anyway, I'm now back with an unintentional tan, mild jet lag (or maybe I'm just being lazy), and 50 trillion Zimbabwe dollars(I'm serious).

I also have no idea what has happened over the past two weeks, hence this picture post! I was planning to update while overseas since my family was bringing a laptop along but then I found out that there was no Internet anywhere. Actually there was Internet in some places but you have to pay and I wasn't going to pay. Hello, you go to Africa to see wild animals and waterfalls.

But first, guess who! Answer's at the bottom of this post.

Some Ayase Haruka application form thing.

An ad for Aiba's newest drama "Bartender", where he plays a, uhm, bartender.

Sources: Ayase Haruka application - Auragazou; Aiba Masaki bartender - choko44; Guess who - Agazou

Guess who answer (highlight to read): Yamashita Tomhisa (NEWS) and his younger sis

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  1. Top is Yamashita Tomohisa and sister Rina Yamashita


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