Sunday, May 2, 2010

I've finished watching Hana Kimi! Well, almost!

Unbelievably, I've managed to complete watching all 12episodes of Hana Kimi in less than 3days, when I was supposed to be working hard for my exams that are taking place in 2days time. -.- Can't wait to watch the special episode! Honestly, I felt that the ending was rather flat, sad to say. The goodbyes took forever(!) and the last part where Mizuki and Sano at the airport was sweet, but the kiss could have been so much more passionate and glorified! Oh well, at least they did kiss, though I think I prefer the kiss when Sano was drunk from eating the Nara pickles in episode2. Hee hee, did he look cute there!

The show really lives up to its name Ikeman Paradise! Though there are some ugly guys, here are those that are so cute! These are not in any order:
1. Sano!~~
2. Nakatsu, the hot-blooded soccer player! I really love it when he's thinking and doing all those hand gestures. But I don't know why most people prefer him to Sano...
3. Sekime! He's nice/ cute!
4. Nanba Minami! Mizushima Hiro! Not enough of him in this show... :(
5. The ghost boy, Kayashima! I think he's really sweet and lovely!
6. Umeda, the doctor! He's supposed to be gay, but he's so hot! Can't believe that the actor's 45years old...
7. Yuujiro, the lovely golden retriever! HAHAHA DOES THIS EVEN COUNT?!?!
8. Kagurazaka Makoto OMG Yu is such hot shit I'm sorry I'm usually not this vulgar but HE IS HOT SHIT.

Mmmm I think that's all... I sure hope the special shows Mizuki and Sano developing further! 8)

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