Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Exams are over, Kimi wa Petto's here!

MY EXAMS ARE FINALLY OVER! Yeah and my O levels are coming nearer... Actually I've been pretty bored today (came home before noon) and there's no interesting news/gossips to update on! So I decided to answer my formspring...

With all those twitter/tumblr/Facebook/MySpace/Hi5/ all other social network accounts claiming to be Jin Akanishi....are any of them real? Some seem real to me (but I'm a fool lol)
I really don't know! But I guess you could try looking at any contact info that might be provided at his official site (I think they will state his official site in Wikipedia). I'm a real dummy at knowing if all these are real or not either so can't help you in this area, sorry!

When do you find time to read all these sites?
Well, firstly, I'm still a student, so it's not fatal if I slack a little every now and then (I guess I actually do treasure the fact that I'm still schooling though I always complain about it). Also, it's not like I have to spend a lot of time reading. Every time I visit a site, I just see if anything's changed and then look at the articles that interest me. I can't be bothered to comb through everything and I actually think I spend more time watching dramas on my computer teehee. ^^
Usually, I'll read these sites if I don't have anything on after school, or on weekend nights.
But then again, I'm not doing that well in school so I'd advice you to do everything moderately! 8D

I'm now watching Kimi wa Petto and Jun is sooo adorable!~ Hahaha I love how the curly sign brings out the adorable-ness (?!) of all these shows~ Kya~! [I know I'm usually in these kind of moods but just bear with it!]


  1. Jin doesn't have any social network accounts - they're all fake. He has phones to call his friends.

  2. no proof in that too


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