Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Koide Keisuke to sing in movie directed by Oguri Shun

Actor Koide Keisuke (26) is making his singing debut as the vocalist of the fictional band from the movie "Surely Someday." The theme song, also titled "Surely Someday," is being released as a single on July 7 under the band name "Takumi (Koide Keisuke) with Surely Stars."

The movie "Surely Someday" has already been drawing attention as it will be the directorial debut of well-known actor Oguri Shun (27). Koide stars as a high school student named Takumi who forms a band with four other students, spending all their time practicing for a school festival. When the festival gets canceled, they fake a bomb threat in an attempt to reverse the decision, but a real bomb explodes and they get kicked out of school. Three years later, they reunite and become involved in another big incident. The show is based loosely on Oguri's own bonds with his high school friends.

Although Koide had no previous music experience, he is said to have a good natural sense. He will the perform the song, which was composed by Tortoise Matsumoto, in front of an audience for the first time during a premiere event on July 11. The film opens in theaters on July 17. (Tokyograph)

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