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what is the best JE idol rumors blogs?
Hmm, it's kind of hard to say as most sites cover a many Japanese celebs/ actors. But I think if you want actual news/gossip instead of perpetual whining and adoration of JE idols, you can try It's not dedicated to JE idols but they do come out pretty frequently. You can also go to, they don't focus solely on Johnny's either but they have almost one article on Arashi/KAT-TUN daily. :D
It can be hard to know which site will report the newest rumors though, since different sites break the news at different times. Till now, I still haven't found a site that always reports the rumors first, so you'll have to search through a few sites each time. Hope that helped! :) favorite JE is Akanishi Jin. I was wondering what online sites can I read rumors about JE idols. Sites with photos would be great!
Hi there! \0/
Haha, read the answer to the question above! For photos on Akanishi you can try, the livejournal and tumblr fansites for Jin don't seem to be updating very regularly. >:(
As for rumors on Jin, shouldn't be very hard to find! You can try those sites in the previous question, but so far almost all the news I've gotten on Jin has come from this site, It's all in Japanese though, so might not be much of a help, but I usually translate most of the aricles on Akanishi Jin and post them here!

Hey guys! Keep my formspring busy please! Now that my exams will have ended the next time I turn on the computer, I'm more free to help you out! Hey do note that I really did try to give you all the sites I could think of, I'm not hiding any "secret source" or anything! Actually, one easy way for you to find the sites you like would be to click on the source of each article. It's at the end of most news posts in brackets. :) But if you use any material that I might have posted, please do state your source, or at least the original source. Thanks!

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