Monday, May 24, 2010

Mei-chan no Shitsuji

I've finished watching Mei-chan no Shitsuji! Honestly, the plot wasn't as weak as I though it would be, given the frivolous nature of the story and what I had read from some online reviews. Of course, you have to take into account that this drama is in no way meant to seem real or relatable, and that it was probably created to fulfill every fangirls wildest dreams. I often caught myself lapping up some parts of the show (I still have a maniac grin on my face now), but when I thought about it I'd feel like cringing BUT THEN I decided to heck with it and continued taking it all in.

Mizushima Hiro looks so smart and dependable in his formal wear! Heehee, I want him as my butler too! That's what everyone says after 10minutes into this show but actually what's the point of having a handsome and caring butler if love is forbidden?! AAAGH TO HELL WITH THAT RULE.

I've never heard of the main actress before, but my favourite student was Miruku-chan! I did some research on the actress and her name's Yoshida Riko. She is so adorable with her two ponytails and her little schoolgirl uniform and her acting is so sharp and convincing! Her butler, Daimon (Suzuki Ryohei) fits his role perfectly too! I also checked up on the four Sole girls and they're all quite pretty, but they come across as plain and disdainful in the show, plus they don't really seem to have much of a role. I'm still wondering why they decided to even waste money hiring those extra actresses.

Sato Takeru is pretty cute, I guess, but for some reason I'm not really a fan of his. I guess he falls into the same category as Ikuta Toma for me. But I do get the feeling that he and Hiro are well cast as brothers. Of course, Mizushima Hiro wins hands-down for me!

My exams will finally be over tomorrow! I'm now downloading the torrents for Zettai Karshi. I've been on a Hiro fest. First Hana Kimi, then Mei-chan no Shitsuji and now Zettai Kareshi! But the torrents might take a while and I don't want to wait in between episodes/ resort to bad-quality, pixelated, slow loading videos that I have to watch online, so I'm gonna find some dorama that I can watch online with good quality and fast loading. Any reccomendations anyone?

Side note: Seems like Akanish Jin went on a drinking spree in Roppongi with his bandmates after coming back to Japan. I'll update if I get anymore info!

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