Sunday, May 9, 2010

Recent discords between actresses

Some reports of discord between various actresses...

1. Horikita Maki (21) vs. Kuroki Meisa (21)
Both the same age and from the same talent agency, and both with budding acting careers! Thought the two of them have been said to be good friends and even shared the same dorm when they were 17, it seems that the two of them have become colder towards each other more recently, with Kuroki Meisa's attitude being more prominent.

2. Ayase Haruka (25) vs. Fukada Kyoko (27)
At the 52nd Blue Ribbon Awards presented on the 16th of March, Ayase Haruka unexpectedly clinched the Best Actress Award for her role in Oppai Valley, while Fukada Kyoko won the Best Supporting Actress Award for her role in Yatterman. This has led to some bruising of ego for Fukada, who works for the same talent agency as Ayase, Horipro.

3. Ueno Juri (23) vs. Nagasawa Masami (22)
The two acted in "Last Friends" as two best friends, playing double starring roles. Apparently, the two of them openly showed their dislike for each other during the launch of the show. (Entame)

There's two more reports but I'm really too lazy to translate anymore, you can read it if you want to though. (Just click the link)

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