Saturday, May 15, 2010

because you're not into gay until you see Kame

Mmm, there's never been lots of gossip about Kame compared to Jin, so I thought I'd just spam you guys with some Kame picts 'cuz I'm in a Kame mood now. Feeling rather bored by all the buzz about Matsujun and Shibasaki...

Teehee, Jin and Kame look so cute together! I miss those gokusen days so much...
"because you're not into gay until you see Kame"


  1. Aww..:3 I love all these pictures~!<3 Adorable and handsome at the same time!
    That's so funny, "because your not into gay until you see Kame." XD ! ! Ahahaahah!! What exactly does it mean? I have an idea but I want to know 100%:) Thankies!

  2. I first saw the phrase "because you're not into gay until you see Kame" on the tumblr where I got most of these pictures from.

    Well, I find that Kame's really gay in the sissy way, not the gay homosexual way. I once watched a clip from this news show earlier this year when he was speaking about his skincare regime and he said, "Really, I'm an actress." I never knew I could like guys like that till Kame came around, so I feel that that tagline is a really appropriate one to describe Kamenashi. ♥


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