Thursday, May 27, 2010

Matsumoto Jun and Otake Shinobu holding hands - are they dating?!

This sounds ridiculous, but it has been revealed that Arsashi member Matsumoto Jun (26) and actress Otake Shinobu (52) have been in an intimate relationship. They were seen holding hands, just like lovers. For now, there has been no word from Johnny's Entertainment, but it's pretty incredible. For one, she's twice Matsujun's age! My guess is that it's just a friendly "mother-son" relationship? Jun and the other Johnny's seem to have a thing for older women though, his date with Shibasaki Kou was just discovered earlier this month and he had dinner with Kaga Mariko, the actress who plays his mum in HYD in a private room of a tempura restaurant last year. (Entame)


  1. It shows they are more mature then there physical age. She is lucky! At least he is dating an adult.


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