Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nino feels comfy in the chignon he sports in "Ooku"

Arashi member Ninomiya Kazunari, together with costars Shibasaki Kou, Sasaki Kuranosuke and Tamaki Hiroshi attended the press conference of the movie "Ooku". The movie is set in the Edo period with the gender roles of man and woman reversed.
Shibasaki, who will be playing the role of a female Shogun, explained "Because my role is a queen, I will try to express a resolute personality." As for Ninomiya, for whom it's the first time to play a role the historical TV drama, commented on his own chignon* appearance with a smile "I think it fits me very well! It's quite comfortable." Another noteworthy feature is that Sasaki and Tamaki had thrown themselves completely into the performance of the love scene between guys in the movie. Tamaki said: "The love scene between Kuranosuke and me started on the first shooting day. I felt a little bit weird at the beginning but turned out to be very smooth and I was not worried at all." As for Sasaki, he gave the comment that "Maybe we have developed the empathy with each other. I am open to Tama-chan now." "Yeah, we are." agreed Tamaki, pretending to look like he was in love with his partner. Hearing the conversation, Ninomiya laughed hard. (Music Japan+)

*A chignon is a sort of hairstyle with a bun.

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