Saturday, May 29, 2010

Horikita Maki looking for a boyfriend?

The "Shukan Taishu" has picked up some rumors about actress Horikita Maki (21) surprisingly ignoring the strict rules of her agency and frequently requesting the people around her to go for a gokon (group date).

A movie staff on the issue commented that "Well, she seems to be quite restless lately… That's a rather strange behavior and probably not that easy for her considering that she's currently filming 2 movies at the same time." Is it really that surprising for her to ignore the rules and wanting to date despite being in high demand for movies, doramas and commercials, or are people simply forgetting that she's just a woman in her early twenties after all?

"She really wants a boyfriend and she doesn't even try to hide it anymore. She often asks her co-actors and the staff out for a group date." A production staff mentioned in a conversation. Some might be shocked and surprised, but let's not forget that she will be turning 22 this year. Maybe it first started as a frivolous phrase and as a joke and then she realized that she actually really wants to be with someone…

"Kuroki Meisa, from the same agency, freely hangs out with other people like Nakamura Shido and often creates rumors here and there. The thing is that the female president of that agency is really generous towards her and trusts her a lot. After all it was her who scouted Kuroki, so in her eyes she would never do something wrong. On the other hand she seems to be very strict towards Horikita. Maybe that's what makes her even more determined to go against the rules and find herself a boyfriend?"

Maybe she's already aiming for her "Byakuyako" co-star, Kora Kengo (22) as well? Ganbatte ne! (Kawaii Joyuu)

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