Friday, May 14, 2010

Akanishi Jin embraces woman openly

Playboy Akanishi is back in action! Akanishi Jin (25) from KAT-TUN has been photgraphed hugging a beautiful blond woman. Apparently, the two of them, along with several other friends, had been enjoying themselves in the VIP section of a club that Jin frequents. He was wearing a black cap, black hoodie and jeans. Later the next day, Jin was caught hugging the same woman after breakfast.

Though it is very common to hug distant friends in LA, it would be unlikely that Jin would just hug any woman as he has to think about the publicity that might follow.

Jin had left Tokyo for Los Angeles this Tuesday, and there is a short while before KAT-TUN, sans Jin, start their 2010 tour. (Entame)

I wonder, could it be the same blond woman as here?
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