Friday, May 21, 2010

Long post of no importance

First off, I'd like to apologise for my absence from the online world recently, I had my exams and though I have one last paper next week, it doesn't really require a lot of studying for so I've been sleeping/daydreaming/bumming around/watching Tokyo DOGS for the past 12hours or so. Hahaha the bad thing about me watching all these jdoramas is that once I start watching them I won't use my computer for anything else till I'm done with the series (I usually use my computer to watch them). So, this blog and all my other online activites get neglected and that's probably what will happen this next few days. :/ Though I'm already at episode 7 of Tokyo DOGS so I suspect I'll finish it real soon.

Ugh Google has changed their logo into some sort of Pacman game and I can't stop playing it - I've won thrice!

Tokyo DOGS is soooo good~ I think I say this of almost every drama or show that I watch but yes it is so good! I've decided that Oguri really is good-looking, previously I had doubts about whether he looked good or not because it was hard to tell with the long hair in Gokusen and Hana Kimi, but after seeing how dashing he looks in his suit has changed my mind completely!

As for Hiro... Even though I've always thought that he looks good and all, he really doesn't suit the role of Maruo! I feel that he has the sort of clean-cut look and all the facial hair that he has in Tokyo DOGS makes him look weird. Ugh I'm so tired now, I think I'm going to sleep now. [continued] Also, I feel that Hiro would look 7653419126times better in a suit that in this ragged Maruo look. Or maybe it's just my fetish for suits, teehee. :) I guess I'm pretty much an old-fashioned person, I prefer guys in suits than in casual wear. I think Hiro wore clothes that suited him the most when he was acting as Hayashida in MR. BRAIN.

Oh, update: I've finished watching Tokyo DOGS! Every time I finish watching a jdorama, it gives me a really "ugh" feeling, like the ending wasn't good enough and it's all over too soon and I wish there were 30million episodes and I don't care how whiny and long-winded the show would become, I just want to watch more of that series. Well, I'm now downloading the torrents for Mei-chan no Shitsuji...

Tokyo DOGS just reminded me awfully of Hana Kimi and Gokusen, what with Oguri Shun and Mizushima Hiro as well as Baba (idk the actor's name, he acted as a colleague of Yankumi's in Gokusen 1 and 2). Totally LOVED the silly banter between Sou and Maruo... (I wonder if anyone had bothered to read till here yet) The last part was funny, especially the "American~!"

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