Monday, May 31, 2010

More info on Akanishi Jin leaving KAT-TUN

do you translate? if you do can you translate this page for me?
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It has been discovered that KAT-TUN member Akanishi Jin, who flew to Los Angeles on the 9th of May, made a secret return to Japan on the afternoon of 17th May. When his bandmates from KAT-TUN knew that he was back, they went out to celebrate at a nightclub in Roppongi. Someone joked that "When the 'carefree' Jin comes back, the atmosphere becomes much more lively, not only does he tell jokes backstage, the tabloids also have more photos to take. (?)".

On Japanese internet communities, many fans have joined arms to persuade Akanishi Jin not to leave KAT-TUN. But according to an insiude source, Jin has been meeting Johnny Kitagawa since end 2009 to express his thoughts on leaving KAT-TUN. It seems that Jin might be thinking of going to the US as a solo artiste, but as he is well-known as being pretty scandalous, it might not be so easy.

In April this year, Jin was spotted at Lady Gaga concert with Crystal Kay and Yamada Yu. He has also been known to go out for wild parties with his male friends.

Though Johnny Kitagawa does want Jin to move on to the US, there are many difficulties, and there has been a reported rift between the members of KAT-TUN.

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