Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kame wore an apron over his nude body! And what sort of behaviour does he like in girls?

There hasn't been much news/gossip recently, so I just thought I'd post this for your amusement. ..

Actress Naka Riisa revealed that she witnessed KAT-TUN member Kamenashi Kazuya wearing an apron over his nude body. They costarred in the drama "Kami no Shizuku" which had been aired in 2009. Recently, on the TV show "Music Station", Naka was asked: "When you costarred with Kamenashi, what kind of interesting scene of him did you see and why?" And she answered: "I saw him wearing an apron over the nude body...." at which KAT-TUN members were totally surprised, shouting "Really?!" and "Are you kidding me?!" It seems no one know about this episode. Kouki Tanaka even screamed "Hadaka apron?! (naked apron in Japanese)" several times, while Yuuichi Nakamaru remained silent in a state of shock.
Kamenashi later explained: "Oh yes that one. It was a character usually wearing suits. And once I had to cook, and I cooked in the studio. However the white shirts were stained by the oil, so I took it off." And when he finished cooking, staff told him that other actors and actress were there as well and brought him an apron. "I would wear jersey or something next time and will never do that again." said Kamenashi.

However, he stood up and emphasized: "I was wearing pants at that time! It was suit pants." and pointed to his own pants, saying, "It was Kame'Ari*!" which made everyone laugh.

Kamenashi also revealed his own "favorite behavior of girls" without hiding his disappointment. When he was asked "What's your favorite behavior, Kamenashi? Hadaka apron (wearing an apron over nude body)?" he replied, "Let's be careful with that topic. It seems I have become a weird guy here."

After pulling himself together, Kame answered the question seriously: "I like girls to smooth the hair behind their ears.", while showing how to eat food with his left hand putting hair behind the right ear. The MC proclaimed, "There is no such person anymore!" and Yuka Kashino from Perfume explained for him: "It is like 'gracefully showing the cross hands' of female. For example, a beautiful and elegant girl will wipe tears in left eye by her right hand."

Upon hearing that, KAT-TUN's Koki Tanaka expressed his sympathy: "Yes, you can trick Kamenashi with this easily!" Kamenashi was so shocked to say: "So I was cheated by girl's tactics, wasn't I?" and Kashino answered in a cool way: "It seems so." It was a day on which everyone enjoyed seeing unexpected side of Kamenashi being revealed. 8)

*Ari means "being", which is opposite to "Nashi" (not being) in Japanese. And Nashi (not being) has the same pronunciation with Nashi (pear) in Kamenashi's name. (Music Japan+)

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