Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sho acts as a pasty chef in new CM

Sakurai Sho, member of Arashi, will play the role of a pastry chef in the CM of ice-cream brand "Pino".

Though it was his first time to wearing a pastry chef's uniform, he chose the chef's hat very carefully. In order to show the image of "an orthodox school", he selected a tall one among others. In the CM, when Sakurai is eating "Pino" he thinks, "What? Pino has been changed!" And all of a sudden, he transforms into a pastry chef and starts to mix chocolate, dip ice-cream into the chocolate to make a piece of "Pino". He then proclaims, "Oh that's it. Chocolate has become more delicious!".
To learn how to pour the chocolate, Sakurai was instructed by a professional pastry chef. And it was said that he learned very fast, and handled the job professionally. He was very happy that the clothes "look good on him". The new CM will be aired from May 21st. (Music Japan+)

Believe it or not, I can't wait to watch this! HAHA.

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