Thursday, May 13, 2010

Matsumoto Jun and Shibasaki Kou's date discovered!

Matsumoto Jun (26), a (super popular!) member of Johnny's Entertainment band Arashi, and actress Shibasaki Kou (28), had a tightly guarded secret meeting with each other on a weekend night in mid-April this year.

Shibasaki, who was wearing a fluffy pink dress and boots, met Jun at a bar in Tokyo at around 11pm. They were in the top floor's VIP room (duh!), which reportedly cost 70 000yen. They only left the bar at 4.30am the next morning.

In order to conceal their meeting, the two called for seperate taxis to bring them to Jun's home. While Jun took a taxi straight to his house, Shibasaki went through a few taxi transfers before going to Jun's house.

Johnny's Entertainment has been known to discourage the JEidols from dating, but there has been no further progress on this relationship since then. (Entame)


  1. Is it just me or has shibasaki kou turned rather slutty these past two years? First with satoshi,then rock star Takuya, and now pop icon matsumoto jun? I guess she's covering all the bases lol.

  2. Does anyone know if this is true???? omg i knew they were an item but i thought it died down...... i can't read japanese so the link is no help.....

  3. Hi all, though there aren't any picts I'm quite sure this is true, they've been close for quite a while and Josei seven even published an article on their relationship. You also get lots of similar articles when you google their names together, so I'm quite sure this isn't just a scam!

    Finally, some gossip on Jun!


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